AMALA - Advanced MAnufacturing LAboratory


The laboratory aims at being a benchmark in the sector of research on technologies for transforming, processing and characterising advanced materials such as special alloys, composite materials and innovative polymers. With this in mind, AMALA Laboratory wishes to create synergies between involved departments so as to set up a top tier centre for the study of materials and advanced technologies in the sectors of aerospace, transport and bioengineering to become an authoritative interlocutor for the manufacturing industry in the competitive research market in this strategic sector, potentially with a wealth of significant repercussions.


  • Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER) 
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering (DMEC) 
  • Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering (DCMC) 
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICA)


AMALA Laboratory uses experience and equipment purchased by the departments involved in production and working technologies and characterisation of structures and metallic, polymeric and composite materials. With the crucial contribution of the university, setting up AMALA Laboratory has allowed an X-ray computed microtomography system for 3D X-ray surveys' acquisition, available at Milano Bovisa Campus. Listed below is the available equipment located in the Departments involved.

Services provided

Research and analysis activities related to development of technologies, materials and structures carried out under research contracts with public and private companies.

Procedures and costs of using equipment

AMALA Laboratory performs its services as part of research projects carried out in agreement with public and private entities. The laboratory is also available for conducting surveys on materials and components on behalf of third parties. Collaborations with research projects and performing services for third parties shall be evaluated and estimates are provided on request. To finalise any requests Prof. Filippo Maggi or another member of the teaching staff indicated below may be contacted.

Contact Point
Filippo Maggi
Ph. +39.02.2399.8287

Management Committee

Technical managers