Joint Research Platforms

A strategic partnership to be protagonists of the University’s policies

The Joint Research Platform (JRP) is a medium/long-term strategic partnership between a company and the Politecnico on shared research, innovation and development issues with the aim of:

  • developing advanced and complex researches with a high experimental and innovative content
  • consolidating enduring relationships for investments in long-term research and innovation
  • investing in the growth of the human resources of the future, backing up doctoral researches and young researchers
  • creating joint observatories on technological evolutions
  • sharing research instruments, laboratories and infrastructures to foster cooperation between Politecnico and company researchers
  • enabling the company to access the University’s multi-disciplinary skills
  • facilitating joint participation in calls for EU and/or national funding

This partnership is actualised through the conclusion of a multi-year scientific collaboration coordinated by a joint management committee relying on the support of a dedicated service.

Active JRP



Research areas

Diagnostics of industrial equipment for the sake of predictive maintenance


Angel Holding

Ansaldo Energia

Research areas

Machinery and technology for advanced energy systems.


Ariston Thermo

Research areas

Development of sustainable air conditioning solutions, such as development and testing of electric heat pumps, development and testing of gas-powered absorption heat pumps and IOT systems.

ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana

Research areas

  • development of technologies for the creation of high-performing scientific instruments and components to be loaded on board of satellites that are necessary to tackle the challenges of the new interplanetary exploration and observation missions: robotics, guide, navigation and miniaturized satellites, laboratories for the implementation of tests in extreme environmental conditions, are some of the areas instrumental to technological development that are part of the project
  • design of new smart materials: materials that will autonomously adapt to the extreme space environment, capable of perceiving any damages to their structure and engaging in self-repair
  • additive manufacturing (AM) techniques for the creation of space components, such as propellers and robots, devoid of defects and consisting also of different materials that were previously hard to combine
  • design of simulation and mathematical modelling methods to use the big data coming from satellites to monitor the territory and provide tools in support of the prediction of natural calamities, such as landslides and floods: those tools integrate data analysis and numerical simulation techniques implemented in efficient calculation algorithms to be able to provide answers in adequate time


Research areas

It is a partnership which focuses on developing an integrated clinical and administrative data platform which generates Real-World Evidence on the innovative pharmaceutical system’s effectiveness and impact.


Autostrade per l'Italia

Research areas

Smart mobility and smart roads, optimisation of infrastructure performance, green infrastructure, resilient infrastructure, innovation in structural health monitoring, expert project design guidance system, digital transformation.

BLM Group

Camozzi Group

Research areas

Maximising the use of collaborative robotics in Camozzi production lines; development of components, sensors and advanced software compatible with Industry 4.0; study and characterisation of the additive manufacturing process.

Cap Holding


Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche

Research areas

Technologies and processes for environmental sustainability in the steel industry, metallurgical processes and materials.




Research areas

Cooperation engaged in the global energy challenges that entail assessment of the resources, processes and technological development, revolutionary innovation, analysis of the energy system and scenarios, including economy, environmental and social impact of energy systems.


Research areas

Research and development on issues of sustainability and decarbonisation, including: sustainable mobility, smart cities, renewable energy & storage, environmental issues.

EssilorLuxottica - Smart Eyewear Lab

Research areas

Smart glasses design: industrial research and experimental development of devices underlying a new generation of wearables which are capable of autonomous network connection. 

The EssilorLuxottica Smart Eyewear Lab will employ both industrial and academic researchers and scientists, developing a highly international research environment that fosters synergies and transversality.

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Ferrovienord - FNM

Research areas

Electrical systems and energy efficiency; maintenance activities and advanced diagnostics; railway engineering; urban planning in relation to the infrastructures and to the transport systems; rolling stock; innovative systems for station control and security.


Gruppo Bonomi


Research areas

Joint Lab (JLab) is a 10 y- multi-departments cooperation program on 5G/6G technology, vehicular radar, vehicular wireless connectivity and networking.


Research areas

Research in circuits and CMOS systems with millimetre wave and radio frequencies.


JRC Deep Social Analytics for Employee Engagement

Research Area

Development of metrics and tools for measuring and monitoring Employee Engagement. The aim is to collect and analyze data, in compliance with the regulations on information security and privacy, and to identify ways to improve the well-being and work experience of employees. A2A, Banca Mediolanum, Beaconforce, Costa Crociere, Gruppo Credem, Maire Tecnimont, Microsoft, Poste Italiane joined the JRC Deep Social Analytics for Employee Engagement.




Research areas

Fluid-aerodynamics; structures and structural/multipurpose materials; monitoring, diagnostic, maintenance, mechanical and electrical systems, avionic systems and components, electronic guidance, navigation and control systems, data analysis and AI/ML, spatial robotics, simulation and digital twin, autonomous driving systems and urban mobility.

Lucchini RS

Research areas

Development of diagnostics and predictive maintenance solutions (sensors, crack propagation algorithms, defect tolerant design), testing of high-performance materials for railway applications (wheel-rail contact) and high-strength protection solutions for railway axles, development of production processes with reduced environmental impact, development of digital solutions for fleet maintenance management.






Research areas

Smart mobility, cybersecurity, blockchain, internet of humans, data analytics, universal design, product and service design.

Nuovo Pignone


Pirelli Tyre

Research areas

Experimental research on innovative and sustainable materials; advanced modelling in materials, noise, aerodynamics and processes fields, using virtual simulation; development of the smart tyre.




Research areas

New methodology to track the value created by Technical Innovation, Digital Innovation, decarbonisation technologies, innovative processes for fertiliser production, synthesis of high-octane products and related catalyst characterisation, smart devices and machine learning, new infrastructure technologies, welding technologies and new materials.





Research areas

Hydrogen, energy transition, digital, modelling and energy-system transformation, and mid-to-long-term scenarios.


Research areas

Development of technical materials and solutions for the production, conservation and storage of energy with sustainable technologies; development of polymers and processes for the purification of water and biogas; fluorine chemistry for the synthesis and characterisation of innovative high-performance materials; advanced techniques of characterisation of materials and products.

ST Microelectronics

Research areas

High Power High Frequency Conversion; design and dynamics of MEMS (Micro Electric Mechanical Systems); multi-physical modelling, design and characterisation of microsystems; integration of multifunctional materials into silicon devices.

Tetra pak




Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo

Research areas

Analysis of the state of the art of the Duomo and planning of ordinary and extra ordinary maintenance interventions relating to monumental works and technical infrastructures, such as energy and lighting; technical-scientific support concerning the survey, knowledge, conservation and monitoring of the Duomo structures and surfaces and those of the works associated with it in order to optimise the ordinary and extra ordinary maintenance interventions; search for and experimentation of new materials, technologies, solutions and whatever necessary for an increasingly better safeguarding of the constituent materials of the Duomo, with a view to improving the effectiveness and durability of the conservation and ordinary and extra ordinary maintenance interventions.

Vodafone Italia

Research areas

Analysis methodologies on network and traffic data aimed at the definition of synthetic performance indicators; experimentation activities on the Vodafone network at the Politecnico di Milano campus; planning techniques for 4G mobile route networks; analysis of NGAN (Next Generation Access Networks) with Fiber to the Cabinet technology.


Research areas

Product intelligence (smart appliances); food preservation and food waste; energy efficency; noise reduction; ergonomicity and design; new treatments and technologies to functionalise surfaces to facilitate cleaning; self-cleaning properties; improvement of scratch resistance on metallic, glass and plastic substrates; self-healing properties; new treatments and technologies to define new passive or active aesthetics at competitive prices; new cost-competitive composite materials free of interaction with electromagnetic fields and suitable for high temperatures; new materials suitable for controlling absorption humidity and active release of humidity.


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