Official opening of the Permanent Demonstration Laboratory

A partnership between Itelyum and the Politecnico di Milano

Itelyum and the Politecnico di Milano open the Permanent Demonstration Laboratory (Laboratorio Dimostrativo Permanente - LDP), located at the Itelyum Regeneration plant in Pieve Fissiraga (Lodi).

The objective of the new facility, which will host both researchers from the Politecnico and engineers from Itelyum, is to test the innovative “Acid Gas to Syngas" technology, which, with a view to a circular economy, involves the conversion of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide into syngas, thus successfully adding value to two polluting compounds of poor economic influence, with no additional use of fossil fuels or renewables. 

The two substances can in fact be converted into a mixture rich in hydrogen and carbon monoxide (syngas), which acts as the basis for the production of chemicals and advanced biofuels.

The new laboratory will also study Plastbreaking technology, which transforms non-recyclable plastics (plasmix) into hydrogen and lubricants using conventional processes.

Finally, thanks to the use of advanced simulation software, a digital twin of the current plant will be created, enabling the implementation of high performance process simulators for energy efficiency.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Marco Codognola, CEO and General Manager of Itelyum, Francesco Gallo, Director of Operations, MariaPia Pedeferri, Director of the ‘Giulio Natta’ Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, Ivano Ciceri, Head of the Research Enhancement Service (TTO) at the Politecnico di Milano, and Prof. Flavio Manenti.

The Permanent Demonstration Laboratory will allow us to study and understand new phenomena and reactions that would otherwise be very challenging to research at normal academic facilities, due to normally requiring huge investments, long set-up schedules and security systems that are not very feasible nowadays.

says Manenti.

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