Stefania Carlotti wins AIAA Solid Rockets Best Student Paper

The PhD student in Aerospace Engineering got the prize at Propulsion and Energy Forum

Stefania Carlotti, PhD student at the Department of Aerospace Science and Technolgy of Politecnico di Milano, got the “2018 AIAA Solid Rockets Best Student Paper” presenting a paper at the AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum 2018.

The paper documents the activity of the EMAP (Experimental Modeling of Alumina Particulate) project, a joint effort financed by the European Space Agency and invonving the Space Propulsion Laboratory of Politecnico di Milano (SPLab-POLIMI), the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Swedish Defence Research Laboratory (FOI).

Stefania Carlotti and the POLIMI team coordinated by prof. Filippo Maggi are developing a new experimental diagnostics to evaluate the environmental impact of rocket motors used for space missions and to supply information for the assessment of their future sustainability.

To know more:
Overview of a Supersonic Probe for Solid Propellant Rocket CCP Collection
Stefania Carlotti, Filippo Maggi, Riccardo Bisin, Stefano Dossi and Luciano Galfetti: Politecnico di Milano; Dominik Saile and Ali Gülhan: German Aerospace Center; Christopher Groll and Tobias Langener: European Space Agency.