IDEA League universities combatting climate change

The EASYGO programme will finance research in geothermal energy for 13 PhD students at major European technical universities.

Geothermal energy will play a key role in the fight against climate change, which is why experts with extensive knowledge of geothermal systems are in growing demand.

Thanks to €3.4 million in funding from the European Union, IDEA League will start the EASYGO project in November 2020. This international teaching programme will allow 13 PhD students from the Politecnico di Milano, TU Delft, ETH Zurich, and RWTH Aachen to conduct research on the entire chain of geothermal activities.

EASYGO takes IDEA League to another level. It is the first step towards research projects growing out of a European alliance of leading universities. This serves as evidence that global challenges are being met with common solutions, that cooperation in research is the main competitive factor

Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the Politecnico di Milano

Our capacity to work on common ground, establish shared objectives, and favour the mobility of human capital is an opportunity not only for our PhD students, but also for the future of our universities, which increasingly see a factor of growth in the agreement with Europe

Thanks to its real-scale research infrastructures, the consortium is in a privileged position to conduct high-level, advanced research.

The 13 PhD students will have access to all the structures belonging to universities participating in the project. This includes DAPwell on the TU Delft campus, the wells drilled by RWTH Aachen in Weisweiler, the Turboden electricity plants in Germany, Grimsel Test Site and the Mont Terri and Bedretto underground laboratories in Switzerland, and Bochum in Germany.

The EASYGO project will focus on the entire chain of geothermal activities: from design to production, from injection to electrical plants. The research process integrates geology, geophysics, geochemistry, advanced modelling, and process engineering. An important objective of the EASYGO project as an innovative educational network is to train the most advanced experts in the field of geothermal energy for the future.

At IDEA League, we believe that by standardizing our strategic alliance, we will create unique opportunities for connection, inspiration, and innovation in Europe

J. Leslie Zachariah-Wolff, general secretary of IDEA League

Maren Brehme, a researcher in geothermal and geofluid engineering at TU Delft who is guiding the project, has high expectations:

My hope is that the training network will allow us to take a leap towards a new level of standardization in teaching geothermal energy. This project is a concrete example of how the collaboration will lead us to excellence and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

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