SPIRAL project first in Telespazio Technology Contest

Three PhD students of Politecnico won the award for aerospace development and technological innovation

The Politecnico di Milano’s SPIRAL project was placed first in the #T-TeC, Telespazio Technology Contest, in the Insight category.  The project team includes three PhD students from the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology: Jacopo Prinetto, Stefano Silvestrini and Andrea Capannolo.

The Telespazio Technology Contest is a competition to enhance university research activities and promote the development and technological innovation for the aeronautical and space sector, through new generations of students and researchers.

SPIRAL: low-thrust orbital hopping techniques for on-orbit servicing, this is the full project name and based around an algorithm that exploits a shape-based low-thrust trajectory optimizing method. It can plan complex in-orbit servicing missions for multiple target satellites on different orbits. The algorithm can automatically select a maximum number of 'serviceable’ targets and their optimal sequence. Technical-operational constraints will be included directly in the optimization algorithm.

The ceremony was held at the Italian Space Agency headquarters in Rome. The winners of the three categories are automatically admitted to INNOVATHON –  where teams of participants conduct a project examining the technical and financial aspects.