“Donate” your voice in favour of science!

Emoty - "Emotionally" is a research project which uses conversational technology, based on artificial intelligence, to support the therapy of children and teenagers with neurodevelopmental disorders. The application can be used with therapists to improve communication skills and expression of emotions.

Emoty is special because it can recognize emotions starting from the tone of one's voice. In the app it looks like a puppet that speaks, asking the children to recite sentences expressing a different emotion each time. Then it records their voice as they act and tells them if they have expressed that emotion appropriately.

The project is developed by Fabio Catania, PhD student in Information Technology at I3Lab – Innovative Interactive Interfaces, and it has already obtained recognition at international conferences and competitions.

To be more effective from a therapeutic point of view, Emoty needs to train to recognize emotions in the tone of the voice, to become more precise and accurate. Therefore, an online platform has been created, open to everyone, to contribute by providing audio from which to learn.

You can play from your phone, tablet, and PC: just have the link! All collected data will be used anonymously for research purposes.

“Donate” your voice in favour of science!
https://emozionalmente.i3lab.group/ (website in Italian)