Edoardo Albisetti wins the 2018 Nanomaterials Young Investigator Award

His research activity focuses on nanotechnologies, and is backed up by a scholarship from the European Commission

The scientific journal Nanomaterials named Edoardo Albisetti, postdoctoral researcher from the Department of Physics at Politecnico di Milano, as winner of the annual Nanomaterials Young Investigator Award for 2018.

Albisetti, after obtaining his PhD in Physics from Politecnico di Milano, is conducting his postdoctoral research at the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center of New York and at Politecnico di Milano, as part of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships scholarship, funded by the European Commission.

His research activity, within the scope of nanotechnologies, concerns the study and implementation of new nanostructured devices and materials with applications in nanoelectronics and spintronics.

The motivation for the award, the Nanomaterials editorial board writes, is the following:

“Mr Albisetti designed and proved the technique of thermally assisted magnetic scanning probe lithography, and its use for the creation of magnetic structures susceptible of reconfiguration in thin magnetic films. The applications of this technique range from the manufacturing of new metamaterials to the creation of new magnetic, spintronic and magnonic devices.”

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