Alliance for aerospace development along the New Silk Road

Politecnico is one of the main player of the BRAIA general assembly, which brings together more than 50 stakeholders from the aerospace sector

The Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of Politecnico di Milano hosted the Council and the General Assembly of the Belt and Road - Aerospace Innovation Alliance (BRAIA).

This alliance, part of the Chinese "New Silk Road" initiative, was founded in April 2017 on the initiative of Northwestern Polytechnical University and the Chinese Society of Astronautics. At today, more than 50 public and private entities of the aeronautical and space sectors work together, coming from different countries including United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Algeria, Egypt, Ukraine, Russia, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Australia.

The aim of the alliance is to promote cultural exchange and collaboration between its members at all levels, through the organization of workshops, conferences, meetings, study and specialization weeks, international competitions.

Politecnico di Milano was among the founders of this initiative, and was recently elected member of the General Council and of the Governing Council. The event hosted is the first General Assembly held outside the Chinese borders and brought together rectors, directors, high-level representatives, experts, and professors from all over the world to talk about the aerospace perspectives and possible actions to be taken to support a collaborative technological development.

Among the results of the meeting, there are the approval of 12 new members of BRAIA, the election of 9 members of the BRAIA Academic Committee and the agreement about the establishment of the first BRAIA Regional Development Centre - South Asia. 12 institutions including universities, companies and international organizations from 10 countries have become new members of BRAIA; 9 members of the BRAIA Academic Committee, including the President, were elected with a two-year mandate; Pakistan's National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) has been recognized as the first BRAIA Regional Development Centre (DRC) - South Asia, to further improve the development of the alliance.