Agreement with HSE for study on efficiency of universities

The Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering and the Higher School of Economics in Moscow partner in new research

The Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow and the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano recently signed a cooperation agreement to conduct a large-scale joint study entitled “Efficiency, Performance and Impact of Higher Education Institutions (EPI)”.

Under the agreement, the HSE’s Laboratory for University Development - Institute of Education will be the headquarters for research and development in this initiative, supervised by Tommaso Agasisti, Associate Professor at the Politecnico di Milano.

"The issue of universities’ efficiency has been increasingly highlighted in recent policies and public debates across the world. This includes the various stakeholders’ higher expectations of the contribution that universities must make in various socio-economic environments or in individual industrial sectors, within or beyond their host communities, especially given the substantial financial resources invested in university education," explains Tommaso Agasisti. "The EPI project programme raises a wide range of questions to be addressed; it analyses the factors and mechanisms that determine the way in which universities can make an effective contribution to various socio-economic environments. The study intends to explore, amongst other things, the efficiency of current and potential investment in university education and the way in which internal factors (such as managerial practices), as well as external factors, influence universities’ performance."

Starting out as a series of joint studies with research groups from the HSE and the Politecnico di Milano, the EPI project soon transformed into wide-ranging research. The partners believe that the project is enjoying strong momentum at the moment and can stimulate a more meaningful international discussion on the issues in question and aims to involve academics from other countries.

The principal areas that the HSE has focused on within this research sector are, amongst others, evaluating the impact of academic excellence initiatives, analysing the implications of performance-based finance models, evaluating universities’ contribution to the economic development of Russian regions, etc. The EPI project encourages young researchers to actively participate, allowing them to establish partnerships with expert academics in this field.