Seminars on the preparation of ERC proposals and continuing education via the coaching of proposing researchers admitted to the second stage

Within the framework of the activities of the ERC desk which provides support for 36 month in the presentation of ERC Starting proposals for candidates who choose Politecnico as Host Institution, collective training cycles and specific preparation meetings will be organised. These are held by a training agency that specializes in training and advice on community programmes.


The candidates will be instructed on how to present a successful ERC proposal in workshops dealing with the creation and the drafting of a competitive CV, together with the drawing up of a scientific proposal; he/she will be assisted in the review of the proposal. If the first stage of the selection is passed, ad hoc meetings will be organised to prepare the candidate for the interview before the European Commission, via coaching and interview simulation though also relaxation, public speaking and stress management techniques.

Seminars on administrative and legal issues of European competitions

The Research Service identifies the priorities and themes on which it believes that training is necessary. This training is designed, on the one hand, for the technical-administrative staff of the University and, on the other, for professors, for researchers, for temporary research fellows and for PhD students, in relation to the drafting of European projects. Training of technical-administrative staff (Department Managers and collaborators) is managed by the Human Resources Department in partnership with the Research Service.


Training of professors, of researchers, of temporary research fellows and of PhD students is offered by the Research Service directly in the Departments. These activities concern the European programme Horizon 2020 and the legal issues of research project management.