Information on research competitions

Research Professional

The Politecnico has renewed, for its second year, the licence to use the Research Professional tool. The objective is to provide increasing information on research funding opportunities (at national, European and international level) and especially to customize the service according to the needs/interests of Politecnico researchers.


With Research Professional, customized funding searches can be made. The Research Service also uses this tool to create magazines on the basis of the main research topics studied within the Departments, using the search engine and entering key words relating to the scientific disciplines object of research. They are divided into two sections: the first section contains a list of abstracts of Italian, European and international competitions, while the second section contains a list of abstracts of awards which students can apply for. Each abstract includes a link which gives access to the full content of the Competition Notice (detailed description, deadline, description of the Employing Body, etc.). Research Professional is available subject to prior access to the section Online Services.


A Bulletin, now in its tenth year of publication, is prepared every two weeks by the Research Service. The Bulletin contains useful information on: Competitions Section (National Competitions, Competitions launched by Foundations, International Competitions), Awards, Partner Search, Events, News by Research Professional.


The information contains a short description, the conditions of participation and the applicable deadlines. The contents are general in nature, in addition to a number of relevant thematic competitions identified by the Research Service from time to time. The Bulletin is sent via the distribution lists of the Politecnico, to Full Professors, to Associate ones, to Researchers, to Temporary Research Fellows, to PhD students. The distribution lists are used also to promote training and information events organised by the Research Service on various research-related topics.

Opportunity search

The search for opportunities for the funding of research and related activities falls within the mission of the Research Service. This activity is closely tied to the type of research (e.g. contribution to costs, tenders, direct funding, etc.). In particular, the search for opportunities is supported in different areas.

Open calls for applications

This category includes the competitions which the Service identifies on the Internet and/or via direct reports of opportunities and participations. In this case, the reporting procedure starts and any participation limits are assessed. If there are no limits, the competition call is included in the information Bulletin, provided the deadline is not too close; if it is, information is sent by email via the distribution lists.

External opportunities

All external requests for joint activities or for contracted research funding/research grants, received by the Research Service, are sent to the relevant Heads of Departments and/or potential persons interested therein, according to the recent mapping of competences by the Research Service. This activity is very important for the activation of third party contracts.

Intranet: Horizon 2020 and “how to” sections for other types of competitions

The supply of information on the opportunities monitored by the Research Service differs according to the funding programme. The Research Service has included a Horizon2020 section in the University Intranet, with all relevant documents. Information is updated every month.

The University Intranet also includes a number of "how to" for the different types of competitions which are of great interest to the University. All the documents can be downloaded from the form "How to".

Information seminars on European competitions and on search tools for funding opportunities

The Research Service provides prior information on H2020 calls, organising information seminars on specific topics (usually twice a year) and especially for ERC and Marie Curie calls.