Research Office

The Research Office is the structure that supports the whole university, providing assistance to professors, researchers and Technical/Administrative Staff in departments and on other campuses for the acquisition of funding for research and the definition of strategies to optimise results. This office provides competences for planning, design, management and training of the university’s research personnel. It works in close collaboration with other central administration services that intervene with specific competences in the research activity management process.

The Research Office aims to stimulate participation by researchers in research programmes and encourage research groups to take part in national, European and international projects, carrying out focused activities and revision of projects and professional growth. Particular attention is paid to assistance under the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programmes. It also manages aspects of contract standardising required by these processes with special reference to administrative aspects.

More information about the services offered can be found on the page:

Services for Researchers

General Contacts

Research Office
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32 (Building 1, Rectorate, First Floor) - 20133 Milano
Email: ricerca(at) 


If you want to contact us by e-mail, please remember to include the address ricerca(at) in cc.

Stefania E. Grotti

Head of Research Office / Research Manager & Talent Development, Research Outreach, International Networks
stefania.grotti(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.2077

Federica Aggio

federica.aggio(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.8999

Santo Barbagallo

Re.Public - Catalogue of Research Publications
santo.barbagallo(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.6935

Pamela Cammarata

ERC Post-Award
pamela.cammarata(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.9237

Gianna Campaioli

ERC Post-Award, Research Outreach
gianna.campaioli(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.6936

Silvana Carminati

Pre-Award, European and International Projects
silvana.carminati(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.6959 

Sara Chiodaroli

Talent Development
sara.chiodaroli(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.2446

Fabrizio C. Chirivì

Agreements, Ethics Committee
fabrizio.chirivi(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.4345

Raffaella Cozza

Monitoring & Contracts
raffaella.cozza(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.4260

Roberta Curcella

Administration and Contracts
roberta.curcella(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.6931



christian.marini(at) - Tel. +39.02.2399.4369

Alice Meroni

ERC Post Award
alice.meroni(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.6943

Pierpaolo Noia

National Projects
pierpaolo.noia(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.2233

Gianluca Pappalardo

Research Development, Research Outreach, Scouting
gianluca.pappalardo(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.2578

Stefania Pesce

stefania.pesce(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.4343

Claudia Raimondi

Post-Award, Audit
claudia.raimondi(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.9238

Lisa Santarnecchi

ERC Support
lisa.santarnecchi(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.2203

Stefania Suevo

Research & Talent Development, Research Outreach, International Networks
stefania.suevo(at) - Ph. +39.02.2399.2577