Open Access

Politecnico di Milano promotes the principle of Open Access, in compliance with the terms of its own statutes, which state that "Politecnico di Milano promotes full and open access to knowledge and the free circulation and widest possible distribution, including digitally, of educational, cultural and organisational content" (article 4), and as defined in the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities of October 2003, signed by Politecnico with the signing of the Messina Declaration of 2004.

The principle of Open Access aims to strengthen international dissemination of scientific research; to reduce duplication of scientific studies; to reinforce interdisciplinary research, transfer of knowledge to companies and transparency to the public; to make the use of scientific contributions more effective for educational ends; to guarantee preservation of scientific production over time.

Publishing in Open Access

Charter for Researchers

In 2005, the European Commission adopted the Recommendation regarding the European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. This document provides a framework for both researchers and the bodies that finance research, guaranteeing work conditions and improving career prospects, focusing on: recruitment transparency, ethical principles for research, professional development and continuing education, social security and mobility.

In 2014, Politecnico di Milano carried out the self-assessment phase and defined the action plan. In June 2015 the European Commission stated that the analysis met all the requirements for the use of the ”HR Excellence in Research” award.

Here you can find the Gap Analysis and the Action Plan.