Passion in Action

Beyond the curriculum: training and passion

"Passion in Action" is a catalogue of open participation teaching activities that the Politecnico offers to students to support the development of transversal, soft and social skills and to encourage/facilitate students in enriching their personal, cultural and professional experience. This opportunity is open to everyone. Students may choose from a range of subjects depending on their own interests and personal aptitudes. Students taking part in "Passion in Action" can register for any of the activities in the catalogue, regardless of whether they are related to the programme in which they are enrolled (subject to any prerequisites for access to individual initiatives). Acquired skills will be accredited on the Diploma Supplement.

Scheduled Initiatives

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1 Active courses
  • GIDE DESIGN WORKSHOP 2024 (Practical activities, Experimental laboratory)
    Keywords: INTERIOR DESIGN, Sustainable Development, TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY, international workshop
    Enrollment: from 23-11-2023to hour 12:00 on 01-12-2023
    Enrollment closed