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In February 2020 will be held in Toronto the ninth International Workshop organized by the Institute Without Boundaries at George Brown College in partnership of many Schools around the world including Politecnico di Milano's School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering (AUIC) and School of Design.
The workshop will take place at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada, from 18th of February 2020 and will focus on the theme about visualize and propose design solutions and scenarios for Ethical Smart Cities.
As technology becomes further integrated into our daily lives and culture, this is an opportunity to use design as a method of to understanding and exploring emerging trends and forces, and re-imagine a more ethical, inclusive and sustainable future that redefines the future of cities in the context of the 21st century.
The current dialogue around Smart Cities focuses heavily on the integration of ICT infrastructure, however, more robust visions of smart cities include emerging technologies such as clean energy and biotechnology, which have the potential to transform the way we plan, develop, construct and live in cities.

WORKSHOP OUTCOMESThe students will have the opportunity to learn new skills and have the following opportunities during the workshop events:
working on timely social topics and the relationship of these to architecture and city building
how architects can lead social change through systems thinking
skills working in an interdisciplinary team including engineers, urban planners, landscape, architects, graphic designers, etc.
work in a collaborative manner with students of many different design disciplines.

FINAL DELIVERABLESAll teams will visualize and communicate their projects through the following deliverables:
A mid-way presentation that describes the teams research, context, vision and the key components of their project proposal
A final publication of the project that includes the following:
- Introduction and background as it related to the theme;
- Offers the project vision, objectives, and key strategies;
- Project details introducing relevant materials of proposed architectural interventions, environment designs, products and services;
- Personas and User scenarios that illustrate how the design is used;
- A system diagram that illustrates how the projects components work with each other;
- A timeline that illustrates how the project will be implemented over time, including the costing for each phase;
- A short video summarizing the project


dal February 2020 a February 2020


Toronto (Canada), February 18th - 26th, 2020

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