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The knowledge and techniques developed within Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry (NRC, Nuclear- and Radio-Chemistry) are essential in addressing many of the current societal challenges related to health, clean energy and food.
In order to favour the knowledge of such disciplines in both their fundamental and applied aspects, the MOOC "Essential Radiochemistry for Society" has been developed within the European project MEET-CINCH "A Modular European Education and Training Concept In Nuclear and RadioCHemistry" (H2020, 2016-2020, www.cinch-project.eu/), in which five application areas of NRC are presented: environment, health, industry, energy and society.
The present Passion in Action activity is addressed in particular to Bachelor students in scientific areas, who are interested to enrich their personal and professional experience by deepening Nuclear- and Radio-chemistry, by means of an innovative and interactive approach based on a strong interaction with the MOOC authors. The present Passion in Action activity will help students in realising the involvement of NRC in everyday life and in understanding the advantages it could introduce.
Students will be involved in a special edition of MOOC, in order to offer them a specific formation path on NRC, based on a specifically designed pedagogical framework. Students will be requested to actively participate in evaluating the impact of MOOC on their personal and professional experience, as well as on the perception of the discussed issues. Besides the personal enrichment, thanks to the Passion in Action activity students will strongly contribute to the development of acourse useful on one side to attract students in nuclear area and by them to keep competences, and on the other side to improve awareness of the possibility and the progress of the science and its relevant impact on future generations.
The activity will be carried out by means of videos, articles, infographics and quizzes, which will guide the student through the learning path and will enable him/her to accurately verify the acquired competences.
The MOOC duration is foreseen in 5 weeks with a commitment of 5-6 hours per week: however, the student can decide independently the moments of attendance, provided that the course is completed by August 23rd. During the course, the student will be able to face doubts or go deepen into specific topics by exchanging with Tutors and to provide feedbacks by tagging the individual content directly through a specific application. After completing the course, the student will be involved in reflective work, analysis and evaluation on contents and contents formats through different tools such as ad hoc questionnaires and in-presence discussion.
Students will acquire a basic knowledge about NRC and its application in everyday life, that enable them to enrich their personal and professional experience at Politecnico, allowing them to better understand recurring situations in everyday life that are strongly related to NRC.
The issues covered in the MOOC as well as the skills acquired and the feedbacks provided by the students via the different modalities will be discussed in presence during a final recap meeting (online) and will allow to evaluate, through a comparison with the Tutors, the effectiveness of MOOC with respect to the set objective. In addition, by asking the students for a consideration and evaluation of the course as a whole, the student is also offered the opportunity to understand some aspects related to the design of contents in innovative educational teaching.


dal July 2020 a September 2020


L'attività si svolgerà tra luglio 2020 e settembre 2020.
Incontro di presentazione e introduzione al MOOC (un'ora), 3 luglio 2020 dalle ore 11 alle ore 12
MOOC disponibile dal 3 luglio 2020 al 23 agosto 2020. Il 3 luglio sarà distribuito via email un questionario da restituire compilato via email entro il 25 agosto.
Nella prima settimana di settembre, in accordo con gli studenti, verrà organizzato un momento di aula virtuale per la discussione collettiva dei feedback raccolti con eventuali approfondimenti tematici.

The activity will start in July 2020 and end in September 2020.
Introductory meeting (1 h, online, 3rd July 2020 - from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.)
MOOC available from 3rd July 2020 to 23rd August 2020. An ad hoc questionnaire to be filled in within 25th August 2020 will be provided on 3rd July 2020.
A final recap meeting (online) will be fixed in accordance to the students during the first week of September, to discuss results.

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