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The site of the castle presents itself as an area of considerable landscape value, where the environmental landscape and the human dimension form a context with exceptional potential for interdisciplinary investigations. The proposed initiative provides for a path of enhancement that interweaves the study of historical sources with architectural investigations. Therefore, an inter-athenaeum didactic initiative is foreseen, which will involve the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Bergamo. The activities will take place from 10 to 13 June 2021 and will be conducted by a small group of students selected by both universities (max 6+6), coordinated by teachers and researchers from the same universities. Value for the territory. The contact with university experiences is a particular value for the territory, especially where it is not part of the established tourist circuits and consists of "fabrics" as important as fragile. The academic attention, if given with due respect to local dynamics, can also be a stimulus to strengthen knowledge and awareness of their territory by those who live there. Value for students. Multi-disciplinary experiences constitute the fundamental basis of professional work. What is offered with this course is the possibility to concretely practice such an experience, which could affect countless traits of the rich, widespread and fragile Italian landscape of small and very small municipalities. On the ground" teaching, designed to increase the interdisciplinary skills of students of different backgrounds, interested in historical, geographical, codicological disciplines in the humanities and design, relief and architectural and landscape design. Methods of Implementation. The inter-disciplinary university experience will be a moment of knowledge of interdisciplinary methodological approaches for students of different backgrounds.This experience will therefore be characterized by a close comparison between written and cartographic sources, published and unpublished, and analyses, surveys and reconstructions on the ground. Participants will make an initial collection of data on the ground and, working in groups according to their respective skills, will propose paths for the study and enhancement of Castello dell'Acqua. At the end of the event is expected a path of data processing.Expected results. The experience will begin with an in-depth on-site inspection, which will be supported by the elaboration of a detailed topographic survey, accompanied by appropriate photographic surveys and synthetic sketches and interpretations of the place. At the same time there will be an exchange of information and knowledge with the students of Bergamo, who will deal with the historical, cartographic, archaeological and analysis of the green, essential to acquire the fundamental elements of knowledge to address the project of architecture. There will then be a first phase of deepening of knowledge data that will be addressed in common among students of architecture and a phase of comparison and exchange between students of different universities. The elaboration of the projects can also take place with individual experiences and that can formalize more proposals to be compared. Finally, a project will be presented, with renderings and reconstructions to enhance the complex. In this way it will be possible to graphically show how the places were and could be, both with the preparation of explanatory tables, possibly on site, and with any 3D graphics. It will also be possible to obtain a preliminary project that indicates in lots (if necessary) the subsequent excavation campaigns to be carried out against further financing to be found in order to reach the final objective of the 'definitive finding' of the Castle.


dal June 2021 a June 2021


10 - 13 GIUGNO 2021

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