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Students must be enrolled in the second year of the MSc in Design for the Fashion System, School of Design, and will be taken into account in the ranking, students who have attended the Workshop in Design for the Fashion System  (2021-2022) actively participating in the theoretical module "Clo3D Intensive Course" and the instrumental module "Advanced Interactive Narratives".

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Selection Criteria
In order of arrival for the students enrollment in the second year of the MSc in Design for the Fashion System, School of Design. In addition, indications of attendance at the proposed courses will be taken into account in the ranking.
Fashion exhibition, curation, phygital, prototyping
Interaction design, Fashion design, Fashion

Description of the initiative

The initiative "Shaping New Trajectories. Cyber Tribalism on show" aims to provide students with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the dynamics of transformation, operated by digital, in the fashion industry and to strengthen strategic and instrumental skills through an intensive design experience in a real application context. The course brings together the knowledge and skills previously acquired by students in the field of digital modeling and interactive digital strategies to open a reflection on the impacts of new technologies in fashion creative processes, modeling and narrative processes, starting from the staging of garments' collection developed by the students themselves.
The course is divided into two modules:
. Module 1 "Prototyping Studio", by Prof. Barbara Mugnai: this module will allow students to proceed from the study and application of patternmaking principles to a more comprehensive view of design within the iconic features of outerwear and sportswear. This module will provide students with the opportunity to develop and refine, through prototyping activities, their own interpretation of outerwear based on the fusion of two iconic archetypes - the Trench coat and the Anorak.
. Module 2 "Final Exhibition", by prof. Alessandra Spagnoli: the module will allow students to design and experience an interactive and phygital approach to the fashion product's representation, narration, and display. Starting from the integration between the physical dimension of a garment prototype and its digital "amplification," students will explore and exploit the full potential of digital technologies to stage a final fashion exhibition and enhance advanced and multidisciplinary knowledge and skills by applying them in a real application context.


dal February 2022 a May 2022


. February 7th: PROJECT KICK-OFF (Modules 1 & 2 - held in Lab Moda)
. February 7th-11th: INTENSIVE WORKSHOP "Advanced Details Constructions & Apparel Engineering Techniques" (Module 1 - held in Lab Moda)
. March 4th, March 18th, April 1st, April 22nd, May 6th: REVIEWS "Prototype development & refinement" + "Digital & interactive exhibition content's refinement" (Module 1 & 2)
. May 16th - May 27th: EXHIBITION SET-UP (Module 2)
Attendance during the Intensive Workshop and the Reviews is mandatory as scheduled. Attendance during the exhibition setup phase is to be agreed upon as needed.

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