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Bachelor's or Master's degree students from the School of Design (with the exception of third-year students on the Communication Design degree course involved in curricular workshops) or the School of Architecture, the following skills are also required:
- photographic skills
- photo / video content creation for social platforms
- video editing skills (only for "Video Explorer" activities)

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
1) insert the order of preference of the activities: (1) e.Reporter (2) Video Explorer
2) uploading 3 images on the Fuorisalone portal:
- Go to the registration page;
- Insert your data. Tell us your Instagram profile (required) and Tik Tok (optional);
- Check the email (also spam folder and promotions) and click on the confirmation link;
- To complete the registration, access the reserved area with your data;
- Insert your profile photo (square format) and a short presentation of yourself in Italian and English;
- Then upload 3 shots taken by you that represent you and associate them with the "Candidatura e.Reporter" event (selfies are not valid).
If you are selected, you will be invited to a call to launch and present the brief of this edition.
STORYTELLING, movie design, social media
Communication design

Description of the initiative

The initiative is divided into 2 activities.
Students will be able to follow only one activity and will have to declare the order of preference of the activities:

Activity 1: e.Reporter Fuorisalone (50 students) The e.Reporter project was born in 2003 as a project dedicated to students of design, architecture, visual arts with a passion for photography and audio-visual content. The intent is to tell the Milan Design Week through multiple points of view. Fuorisalone is an event open to everyone, not just to professionals: being an official e.Reporter of means becoming part of a community that has been telling the magical experience of the Milanese design week for years. From 2003 to today, over 175,000 shots have been produced which have become the historical and collective archive of the event. All this thanks to the commitment of the e.Reporters who have taken part in this project over the years.
The e.Reporters of the 2019 edition and their photographic contributions are visible at the link What is needed? A digital camera and / or a smartphone; Comfortable shoes; The freedom to take the Fuorisalone week as an opportunity to share your point of view; A public and active Instagram profile. If you also have a Tik Tok profile, please let us know when applying. What does provide? An official pass, which will allow you to be recognizable as a e.Reporter (NB: you can use the pass to guarantee your role, but it does not mean that this will give you unconditional access to all Fuorisalone events ); A section dedicated to you and your shots on the site; A participation document from Fuorisalone that can be used as a reference to be included in the curriculum. What does the engagement consist of? 1. Organize your week taking into account some lists of events / installations / contents / themes that will be shared with you. We invite you to read any Covid rules and to check whether to access events or locations you need to register in advance or have an invitation; 2. Collect the e.Reporter pass; 3. Photograph! 4. Upload to the site and associate at least 15 photos a day (about 100 in all) with the correct event cards, selected and edited; 5. Deliver a zip package via Wetransfer with all images taken (within 10 days); 6. Share your photos on your Instagram channel, tag them with the official hashtags and contribute to the story of Fuorisalone 2022! 

Activity 2: Video Explorer Fuorisalone (15 students) The goal is to create a narrative on the TIKTOK platform of Fuorisalone 2022. Thanks to the multi-camera contributions of the students / reporters involved, a digital archive of the events will be built. What is the engagement for the students of the School of Design: from 6 to 10 June, the students / reporters will travel to Milan, following a list of events / installations recommended by They will therefore be asked to create video content in the "TIKTOK" format of what they consider most interesting and stimulating, according to a point of view and an editorial plan that they can choose independently. Students can in fact decide to create content following macro-themes of interest (example: "sustainability", "innovation", "installations", "materials" ...) or to create a sort of personal logbook ( "my Design Week", or "Day 1 of the Design Week") or to divide your content into places ("the best of Brera Design District", "the best of Alcova").How the collected contents will be used and processed: the videos transferred to Fuorisalone (zip package via Wetransfer) will be published daily on the Fuorisalone TIKTOK channel. The video explorers will share these contents on their social channels tagged to the project and to the partners involved.


dal May 2022 a June 2022


25 maggio: lancio attività e formazione
7-12 giugno: Caricamento giornaliero su piattaforma Fuorisalone
20-26 giugno: Verifica dei contenuti caricati ed attribuzione CFU

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