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  • Enrollment: 16-06-2021to hour 12:00 on
  • Subject area: Tools
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The initiative has no particular prerequisites, as the skills and knowledge required depend on the specific project the students want to undertake. Through peer-to-peer exchanges and tutoring of the teachers involved, students fill in the gaps they may have at the beginning of the experience, while they are contaminated by other disciplines.

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
The selection of students will be made on the basis of the order of arrival of the enrollments with the goal to assemble sufficiently interdisciplinary teams.
COLLABORATIVE WORKSHOP, Product Design, industry 4.0, manufacturing
Communication design, Industry 4.0, Engineering, Materials, Manufacturing, Information technologies

Description of the initiative

This initiative aims at exploiting the learning-by-playing principles to give students the possibility of understanding the most common issues in the design and development of a manufacturing cell.
The main goal is to stimulate learners' creativity when dealing with diverse disciplines such as mechanical design, industrial production, process digitization, communication, and work organization. The student will work in a multidisciplinary team to design a manufacturing cell composed of 8 production modules for 3D printing, laser processing, and machining to make real products; a 3D scanner, a light microscope, and a tension testing machine to verify the manufactured products. The manufacturing cell will be used to make products in different materials such as plastics, metals, and wood.

Students will actively cooperate during workshops to propose new ideas and technical solutions. Specifically, the following topics will be proposed: (1) commissioning of the manufacturing cell; (2) virtualization of processes by digital twins; (3) development of an IoT system for the management of data generated within the manufacturing cell; (4) definition of the layout and spaces of the cell (5) ergonomic design of the working stations; (6) communication using user guide, videos, etc. 

The work will be divided into multidisciplinary groups. The evaluation will be based on the goals reached and on the creativity of the solutions proposed by each group.


dal July 2021 a October 2021


L'attività è interamente laboratoriale e non prevede un calendario di incontri prestabiliti.

The initiative is a lab activity and a calendar of pre-established meetings is not predictable.


75 hours indicated are cumulative: about 3 hours of laboratory activities in presence + hours of indipendent work for students.

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