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Interest in the topic of autism and inclusive design. Familiarity with rapid prototyping systems. Possible skills in 3D modelling. Useful to have experience in the FabLab and making environment both in the development of projects and in the use of rapid prototyping tools (3D printing, laser cutting, CNC…)

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
Motivation to participate will be assessed based on a brief description of why one wants to partecipate in the activity and what skills each participant can bring to the projects (tweet mode max 280 characters).
AUTISM, INCLUSIVITY, design, digital fabrication
Interaction design, Product design, Materials, Manufacturing, Environmental and social sustainability, Start up and Enterpreneurship

Description of the initiative

Are you a designer, engineer, architect interested in developing projects for inclusiveness? Do you want to make an original and innovative contribution to the Autism theme by exploiting your skills and know-how acquired or being acquired at the Politecnico? Are you interested in digital fabrication and making and would you like to apply it to topics of social interest? Do you like the world of open source?
The Inclusive Hackethon Open COmeta is your opportunity.
The aim of this activity is to realise projects that will populate the Open COmeta platform, an Open Source platform under development whose main objective is to share products with all people involved in the world of autism by providing them with materials and support to make them. Open COmeta aims to become a knowledge and dissemination network on the topic of autism in which opinions and new needs can be shared, but above all to shape new projects. The idea of the Open COmeta platform starts from the desire to renew the blog currently used for teaching purposes within the Metaproject laboratory (three-year degree in Industrial Product Design). The blog is a digital collector of knowledge on the topic of autism, which gives access to a huge amount of reference articles and is updated from year to year. The idea is not to replace this channel, but to enhance the projects that populate it annually, with a new but integrated tool, implementing the current repository of projects by making them accessible to both companies and interested associations.

On the Blog to date there are many projects realised by the students in the more than 10 years of the Laboratory, the purpose of the proposed activity is to renew and implement some of these projects, previously selected by the teaching staff, to adapt them to the technologies and tools of rapid prototyping.

Specifically, this is a Hackathon lasting a total of four weeks with moments of discussion with the lecturer and tutor and autonomous group work, in which young students and makers, interested in making their own contribution to the topic of autism, are called upon to work in groups on the implementation of the products assigned by the lecturer in an "Open" key. Intra-weekly reviews will be scheduled in extra-curricular hours.
After the first design week, two full immersion prototyping days will be organised. 

The developed products will be evaluated by COmeta partners associations and autism experts who will give feedback for further implementation of the products. The final output will be a prototype of the idea, executive files and instruction material and guides for reproducing the product, explanatory video and photo material.

In future developments of the project, the prototype can be tested directly with autistic persons and caregivers, allowing direct testing of the effectiveness of the idea and its relevance for the target user.

Participants will be in effect co-designers of the product they will implement and develop, so their name will appear on the platform alongside the designers who came up with the initial concept. The participants are called upon to develop a product that, starting from the original concept, maintains its principles but does not exclude the redesigning of certain elements, thus proposing a variant that may be free to depart from the original idea.

During the final day, a presentation will be organised in the presence of COmeta's partner associations who will evaluate the projects and give feedback on the final output.


dal March 2023 a April 2023


3 Marzo 18.30Lancio iniziativa  
9 Marzo 18.30revisione 1
10 -30 Marzo sviluppo progetto e prototipazione (saranno valutate attività prototipali presso strutture partner e saranno previste revisioni intermedie)
30 Marzo 18.30revisione 2
31 Marzo - 12 Aprile preparazione materiali di presentazione e guide alla produzione
13 Aprile 18.30 Presentazione finale

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