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MaDe) is a Creative Europe program that addresses the training and exposure of the new materials designerstowards a better circular economy and their positive impact in manufacturing and production or the generation of an alternative creative industry. The project began in November 2018 and will last for two years. It involves three partners: Elisava, the design school of Barcelona Spain; Matter, materials consultancy by Setaal Solanky; Politecnicodi Milano, Design Department (Valentina Rognoli, Manuela Celi e Marinella Ferrara).Specific objectives of the project:The project is focuses on explore and obtain a better understanding of how can materials' design contribute to attaining a more circular economy; providing thus tools, strategies, guides, contents, education, in order to enable designers (i.e. fashion, furniture, objects, packaging...) and new creatives (i.e. materials designers) to connect to industry. For that reason, the project includes six workshops organized by the partners in the three countries and cities: Milan, London and Barcelona. The aim is to spot the European materials designers emerging scene in order to identify the most talented and promising creatives in this domain. The project will provide 120 European students from different creative areas (design, arts, ...) with the appropriate skills to enhance their career as Specialist Materials Designers, which is foreseen as a job of the future in the design industry.
Through the workshops we would like to foster the career development and recognition of emerging materialsdesigners bymeans of circulation of their works, awards and professional stages in order to make them gain visibility among the industry, which is keen on incorporating a circular economy approach. More in details, 120 potential materials designers will participate in the 6 MaDe workshops: 2 sessions in Barcelona, 2 in Milano and 2 in London. MaDe's workshops program aims to enable 20 creatives per session to gain new skills which shall foster their career development as Specialist Materials Designer. Following the selection of MaDe Awards winners, three materials designers will gain the opportunity to continue their training as a Specialist Materials Designer at international level. Six reputed international mentors (2 Barcelona, 2 Milano, 2 London) from different domains of expertise (business incubator, company, creative industry) will monitor the three winners for each of the MaDe awards categories: 1. Best start-up potential 2. Best future vision 3. Best industry application. At the end of this professional stage, each winner will have developed a materials design project with a circular economy focus.More information on
Candidates have first register through the PASSION IN ACTION portal and then complete the registration by attaching portfolio, CV, etc. through the portal; the extracurricular credits will be assigned to only 10 students selected for the January Workshop.


dal January 2020 a January 2020


13-17 Gennaio 20209.00 - 13.00/14.00 - 18.00 (orari lab. Prototipi)

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