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Students attending Master's Degree Courses in Integrated Product Design, Design and Engineering, Product Service System Design and Digital and Interaction Design are eligible for participation. Preferably 2nd year.

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
For participation, students are requested to attach a CV and possibly a PORTFOLIO as well as to write a POST text of no more than 500 characters on RAEE and its potential.
DESIGN, USER EXPERIENCE, circular economy, recycling
Interaction design, Product design, Service design, Circular economy, Materials

Description of the initiative

The increase of electrical and electronic devices in our daily lives has made our lives easier, but it is also becoming a problem especially when we think about their disposal. How many products remain unused in our drawers? How much hazardous waste do we dispose of incorrectly and how many valuable materials do we not recover? This becomes a central issue to support the ecological transition towards more sustainable production models. Building a good user experience for the disposal of these objects is of paramount importance and is a potential field of research for design.

With this initiative we want to explore new scenarios to give a second life to products that produce RAEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).
The objective of the PIA, aimed at students of Master's degree courses, will be to map the current scenario of the disposal of RAEE products in order to co-construct a new User Experience of the process that allows users to more easily manage the delivery and disposal of RAEE and gives RAEE new tools and models to facilitate the recovery, treatment and valorisation of these products.
The defined scenarios will be preparatory to a workshop of the Degree Course in Industrial Product Design, with a Bachelor's degree RAEE Cycling/RAEE Using, where PIA participants will be involved as expert tutors to guide the workshop activities with the lecturer.

Specifically, the workshop will concern the design of specific containers for the collection of WEEE. 
The research work, on the other hand, will be a strategic and service research work that could also be preparatory to possible degree theses. The expected output is design scenarios and Experience Journeys that support WEEE and guide the development of concepts in the workshop.
Participants will also have the opportunity to have an immersive experience to support teaching through their role as tutors in the Bachelor's workshop.

The research activity will be led by a team of lecturers, researchers and PhD students from the Departments of Design, under the coordination of Prof. Venanzio Arquilla, and of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "Giulio Natta", under the coordination of Prof. Barbara Del Curto, and will see the presence and direct contribution of representatives of the WEEE Coordination Centre.


dal May 2023 a June 2023


  • Kick-off 3/05/2023 (presso Centro di Coordinamento RAEE - Milano) 
  • Prima visita impianto 8/05/2023 (Centro RAEE Rho) 
  • Prima revisione con docenti 12/05/2023 
  • Revisione con RAEE in università 17/05/2023 mattina  
  • Avanzamento finale con RAEE in università 25/05/2023 
  • Workshop 5-9/06/2023 (Lancio attività 5/06/2023 agli impianti di Rho) * la partecipazione al workshop non dovrà essere full-time e si potrà concordare con i docenti responsabili


The research activities will take place between May and June 2023, applications must be sent in by 25/04.
The start of the activity will be on 3 May with a kick-off meeting at the headquarters of the WEEE Coordination Centre. This will be followed by activities at the Politecnico di Milano and a visit to the sorting centre at Rho, on 8 May 2023.
The project will then continue with the curricular workshop starting on 5/06/2023.

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