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Jam 115 is a competition promoted by Job Farm (www.jobfarm.it) and addressed to students of the bachelor's degree in interior design of the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, enrolled in the course of Anthropology of the third year for the A.A. 2018/19. The aim of the competition is to rethink work and social spaces, while designing the coordinated image and functional elements, furniture of spaces and materials of a real building undergoing transformation, located in Milan in via Giambellino 115.For the competition, students have to:1) Present a proposal for a coordinated image of the building with an innovative concept that characterizes the identity of the place, through the specification of functional and chromatic elements with indication of the materials, vertical and horizontal coatings and, in general, the elements that characterize the common areas , including the graphics of internal signage and furnishings.
  1. Propose, for one or more categories (chosen by the participants), the furnishing components of the spaces (using elements on the market or drawing them) in accordance with the coordinated image proposed in point 1.
The building has a total area of ​​approx. 2,250mq, plus a garden of mq. 400 and provides the following functions: training areas, laboratories, coworking, guest quarters, cafés and bistros.Participation can be individual or group (maximum 3 people, belonging to the course of Anthropology).For delivering the project, students have to send:- Tables: (minimum 2 and maximum 4 in A3 format), containing images, drawings and renderings, any technical details and indications of the materials used (must be delivered in JPEG or PDF format (in high definition - 300 dpi))- A descriptive report in Word or PDF format, for a maximum of 2000 characters.The Jury will be composed of professors from universities, professionals and artists, as well as a representative of Job Farm, with secretarial functions. The evaluation criteria of the projects will concern: economy, sustainability, innovation, sociability, multi-functionality.The award consists of a contribution of 1,500 (by scholarship) paid by the promoter.


dal March 2019 a May 2019


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