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Urban Design competences or attitude.
Interest in immersive understandings of contexts and interaction in small groups.

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Students attending the second year of their Master Thesis, post-gradueated students, PHD student and young professionals interested to participating in the ILAUD Week should send their application by July 11 (end of the day) 2021 attaching their CV and the letter explaining the reasons of their choice. The participation is free and based on competitive selections of applicants. For more information check on the website
community, interaction, post-pandemic, urban design
Environment and land planning, Architectural and urban design, Social, Urban studies

Description of the initiative

Background_Over the last months the COVID pandemic has dramatically changed people's way of life and cities particularly all over Europe, and beyond. In 2020 ILAUD launched the project ¿Cities under shocks and stresses' to monitor the impact of the pandemic in cities and to facilitate exchanges between scholars, students, and local communities in cities as diverse as Milan, London and Berlin. This has culminated in the Webinar "Understanding Neighbourhoods in times of pandemic" held on the 23rd April 2021, with the aim to discuss and compare problems of neighbourhoods in the three selected cities:
As a follow up of this successful meeting, ILAUD launches the ILAUD Week on 'Cities under Shock and Stresses'. It is a week of training and knowledge development activities, involving experts from different disciplinary background, and using Dergano in Milan as a case study. The local community of Dergano will be involved in the process of co-production of ideas and solutions to problems that matter locally and globally. This immersive experience into the reality of an ordinary neighbourhood facing the challenge of post-pandemic recovery targets graduate students and early career professionals, and it is focused on issues of inclusion and green recovery.  This workshop is the first step of a number of activities, workshops, seminars with the local community, lectures etc. that will take place in the following months, involving other cases in other cities. The ILAUD Week will help to develop effective solutions to issues identified during the study process, and applicable in other contexts.

Aim of the Workshop _The aim of the workshop in Dergano, Milan, is to understand how the pandemic has impacted the social and spatial structure of the neighbourhood, and which kind of social marginalities have emerged as a result of that.  Particular attention will be given to different groups of vulnerable people, in primis the elderly, but also the youth, the jobless, the migrants and so on. Focusing on social marginalities, and their repercussions on housing, use of public space, access to services and to green space, and so on, the immersive week will allow to understand how to set up suitable strategies and inclusive principles for cities under shock and stresses. The goal to reflect on how to propose future and more sustainable post-pandemic recovery plans and projects, contributing to a wider European effort to emerge from the current crisis with more resilient and climate sensitive city solutions.  Students and tutors coming from different disciplines (architecture, urban planning, public health, environmental studies, sociology and so on) will work in close contact with local communities to give them voice in this process, and to co-design together place-based sustainable strategies.

Workshop structure_
The immersive week will be partially on-site and on-line and will be held in July 2021. A max of 10-12 students (graduates and early career professionals) will be selected. They will benefit from a range of knowledge exchange with scholars with different disciplinary background, with local stakeholders and policy makers, and with the local community.
DAY 1-19 July, Meeting and discussion with the local community of Dergano, visit of the site;
DAY 2- 20 July, Students meeting tutors and Working in groups  - Seminars & Tutorials;
DAY 3 - 21 July, Students meeting tutors and Working in groups  - Seminars & Tutorials;
DAY 4 -22 July, Students meeting tutors and Working in groups  - Seminars & Tutorials
DAY 5- 23 July, Students working in groups and Final presentation
The exact programme of the week will be released before the ILAUD Week.


dal July 2021 a August 2021


Una settimana di attività, tutti i giorni con orario 10-18 circa.
Esigenza aula nel Campus Bovisa nelle giornate: 21-22-23 (10-13/14.18)


Further information will be provided with the application

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