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  • Subject area: Soft skill, personal and career development|Tech and society
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  • Priority to students from Energy (Energy Project) and Chemical (Chemical Project) Program
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SUSTAINABILITY, chemical engineering, energy
Energy, Engineering, Manufacturing, Environmental and social sustainability, Career development

Description of the initiative

Politecnico di Milano together with the Fater company set up the FaterAward aimed at master's degree students in chemical and energy engineering.
The aim of the award is to establish a business gym for young students capable of stimulating the participation and creativity of young people on sustainability issues declined under various aspects.
Teams of students (3-4 maximum) will be asked to face a series of case studies concerning the markets in which Fater operates with the Lines, Pampers and Ace brands.
FaterAward represents a bridge between the reality of a large company, leader in Italy, and the world of universities, an important dialogue for innovation and an opportunity for students to put into practice the skills acquired. All with the careful and expert guidance of the professors of the Politecnico di Milano and the Fater managers, whose collaboration will make the Fater Award a complete and unrepeatable training experience.

The contest is divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1: Case Study within the Milan Polytechnic.

The students, organized in groups of 3-4, will develop the analysis and propose a business plan regarding a business case. Each group presents the solution of the case to a commission composed of university professors and Fater managers. Each presentation session, in addition to being an important training moment, leads to the selection of a team that enters the final phase of the contest. In fact, the teams selected in each degree course will be invited to the Fater * headquarters to participate in a two-day Hackathon.

  • Phase 2: The hackathon.

The organization of the Hackathon foresees the creation of new mixed teams, that is composed of students from different universities and from different degree courses. This will be a fundamental aspect to face the case that will be proposed and to develop concrete solutions. Furthermore, it will allow you to fully experience the experience of a true multifunctional project team typical of many multinational companies.

Project Theme:
  • Analysis and development of innovative chemical products with particular emphasis on environmental sustainability (Chemical Project)
  • Feasibility and sustainability analysis of a renewable generation system for Fater plants (Energy Project)


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