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Description of the initiative

omus is calling on the best students from the most important European schools of architecture, design, visual arts and graphics to create promotional content for magazine on Domus social channels. For the first time Domus would like to use content made up of young aspiring graphic designer to provide more immediate coverage of the magazine.Firstly, there will be a meeting with the editorial team. The aim is to tell Domus' story, to explain Domus' identity to students and to anticipate the main topic of month's issue.The students will be invited to interpret the relative month's issue of Domus in video of approximately 20 seconds in length.Domus will send a copy of the magazine to the 20 selected students. The students will have 7 days to create a video - approximately 20 seconds in length - which expresses their personal interpretation of that Domus issue (between 28 February and 7 March). Promoting bodyDomusweb Editoriale DomusSchool of Design Politecnico di MilanoLab Immagine, Design Department Politecnico di MilanoTime and place of collaboration- a full week between 28 February and 7 March 2019- 3/4 meetings at Politecnico di Milano (Lab Immagine) to plan the work and to have tutorialsRecognitionDomus editorial team will select 3 of the 20 videos submitted by the school and will publish the best 3 videos on the website and on domusweb social networks social networks (IG and FB) with credits to the authors and school credited. The language (if needed) must be English. Domus will send to all 20 students a free three-month subscription to the digital edition.


dal February 2019 a March 2019


Tutors: Gabriele Carbone (Lab Immagine) con Ilaria Bollati
Luogo: LAB Immagine

- Gio 28/02/2019 - INCONTRO 1/5
Orario: 15:00-18:00
- Incontro di lancio del brief con caporedattore Domus
- Punto operativo
- Q&A studenti
- Inizio Lavori
* In questa data, invio da parte di Domus delle riviste in anteprima

- ven 01/03/2019- INCONTRO 2/5 Orario: 15:00-18:00
- Revisione primi spunti (ricerca casi studio)
- Impostazione dei progetti e consigli per lavorazione in autonomia

- Lun 04/03/2019- INCONTRO 3/5
Orario: 15:00-18:00
- Revisione avanzamento di progetto (storyboard, visual lavori e test di animazione brevi)
- Lavorazione

-Mar 05/03/2019- INCONTRO 4/5 Orario: 15:00-18:00
OGGETTO:- Revisione avanzamento di progetto (animazioni draft, minimo 10'')- Lavorazione

-Mer 06/03/2019- INCONTRO 5/6 Orario: 15:00-18:00
- Revisione avanzamento di progetto (animazioni corrette)
- Lavorazione e ultime rifiniture- Approvazione finale progetto

- Gio 07/03/2019 - CONSEGNA
Orario: 10:00-11:00 (da verificare in base a termine ultimo di consegna DOMUS)
- Revisione avanzamento di progetto (animazioni finali)
- Caricamento dei progetti (attendere info dettagliate DOMUS)

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