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The STEM field is today characterized by a strong gender gap at different levels: both at the university and company level. In recent years companies, especially in the STEM sector, are investing a lot of resources in the attempt to increase women representation. However, the increase in the number of women per se is not enough. Inclusion must be pursued.Indeed, gender parity can still be associated with absence of equal opportunities within career paths, and to difficulties in managing and promoting different leadership and working models.In this context, we have organized a panel in partnership with General Electric to discuss about diversity and inclusion in tech companies. Professionals who hold various STEM roles (Project Manager, Design Engineer, Manufacturing Leader etc.) in General Electric will be available to answer your questions in the field of diversity, inclusion, integration of technical and transversal skills and roles in which they put themselves in play.
We have also organized two preparatory meetings.
  • ValoreD: workshop on the unconscious bias. Understanding and recognizing unconscious bias is one of the first levers to learn how to value and promote diversity.We are all subject to stereotypes and prejudices in an unconscious manner. During this workshop we will begin to investigate this phenomenon, with the aim of stimulating a reflection on yourself and on your reference contexts, on the possible actions to be taken to become more aware of your own bias and thus mitigate its effect on decision-making processes.
  • Personal Branding - Designing Your Life with Francesca Parviero Learning Experience Designer, Digital HR Senior AdvisorReflecting on your Personal Brand means starting with understanding where you are and orienting yourself on which direction to take. Personal Branding is the implicit action that allows our unique value to circulate through our knowledge networks. Cultivating our personal authentic value with care and awareness, in the eyes of those who want us to know and choose ourselves, is an asset of great importance because it allows us to determine the circumstances that will allow us to make choices closer to our ideal occupation. The experience is built, and must be as close as possible to the crossroads between our vision of life and work, both when we are in the moment of transition from university to work, and throughout the course of our life.


dal May 2019 a May 2019


Lunedì 6 Maggio - ValoreD: workshop sugli unconscious bias
Martedì 7 maggio - Personal Branding - Designing Your Life con Francesca Parviero
Mercoledì 15 maggio - Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Sector

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