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Knowledge of parametric modeling applied to architectural design.
Participation in the initiative is open to students of the AUIC School.

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
By November 4th it will be necessary to send: PDF file Named Surname N. in A2 format containing a higher range with 3D Model, Images and descriptions, a lower range with the description of the algorithm, not exceeding 10 MB + File GH
(Template can be downloaded from the call for applications)
Only projects delivered in the required formats will be selected.
digital modelling, parametric design, simulation
Smart cities and smart building, Architectural and urban design, Environmental and social sustainability

Description of the initiative

On the occasion of the Milano Digital Week to be held at Campus Leonardo at the University laboratory LaborA, a thematic contest with the subject of parametric modeling for design has been announced. The goal of the contest is to refine the techniques of algorithmic writing intended for construction.  Polytechnic students are asked to write a small-scale parametric digital model of which they can give explanation of the algorithmic structure during the activity day scheduled for Friday, Nov. 11. The models will be dedicated to show the relationship between the scope of architecture and its realization with a focus on issues of sustainability and inclusion. They may be small projects, developed specifically or as part of their course of study. Each student may participate individually or in groups of up to 3 students. Judging will be made by a vote obtained through LaborA's social channels and the judgments of a jury of 3 members from the academic and/or professional field and will take into account
Algorithmic development
Originality of the result
Constructive realizability

Selected works will be discussed with selected audience as part of the Milano Digital Week day on November 11.
The passing of the activity is understood to the verification of the algorithmic structure by the jury and the simultaneous delivery of the poster illustrating it: a .GH file, a PDF <10mb in A2 format of the project and algorithms


dal October 2022 a November 2022


Venerdì 11 Novembre dalle ore 15.00 alle ore 19.00 presso Labora-Aula didattica

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