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  • Language: ENGLISH, ITALIAN
  • Enrollment: 22-04-2021to hour 12:00 on
  • Subject area: Soft skill, personal and career development
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First and second-year students enrolled in the Master's Degree Programs in Design for the Fashion System, Communication Design, Digital and Interaction Design. Candidate must demonstrate:
- English language proficiency (candidates with a B2 level on the CEFR scale will be preferred);
- problem-solving skills, critical thinking and creativity;
- ability to work in interdisciplinary teams, having developed interpersonal and communication skills in previous design and/or work experience;
- computer skills related to the use of software for the management and creation of vector graphics.

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
The selection criteria will take into account:
- the course of study attended, with priority given to students in the Master's degree program in Design for the Fashion System;
- average exams;
- quality and originality of the projects presented in the personal portfolio (a first indication of one's own projects that are considered worthy of promotion and enhancement is also welcomed);
- English language, as indicated in the CV.
Digital transformation, FASHION, digital strategy, virtual dimension
Communication and presentation skills, Fashion design, Information technologies

Description of the initiative

The Digital Fashion Symphony project aims to provide students with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the dynamics of transformation, operated by digital technology, in the creative processes, enhancement and communication in the fashion sector and to strengthen strategic and instrumental skills through an intensive design experience in a real application context.The current technological and digital transformation has influenced significantly the fashion industry, with implications both in terms of digitization and virtualization of the fashion product design process, from concept to prototyping to production, and in terms of experimentation of new forms of visualization and value transfer, in terms of fruition and communication. Recently, the digital and phygital dimension, which hybridizes the physical and the digital, has been widely explored in the context of events and fashion shows and has been confirmed as one of the most interesting and promising sectors within which a fashion designer can experiment with innovative solutions.The lab takes the opportunity to experiment new ways of presenting and communicating the fashion product by involving students in the design and creation of an event/space/virtual platform integrated with the social dimension, for the valorization and staging of the best project results of the Master Degree Program in Design for the Fashion System.Students will be asked to curate the event, through the selection and organization of their own fashion projects, and to design new narratives and strategies for sharing and communicating able to tell the richness, variety and originality of the selected works.The workshop, lasting 1 month and a half, is organized in two parallel phases:
Design of communication strategies able to involve in an interactive and participatory way the community of the School of Design and creation of transmedia narratives, spread through the use of dedicated social channels.
Design and creation of a new digital space/symphony supported and disseminated through the website of the POLIMI School of Fashion Studies, for the staging of selected projects. This space, digital augmented and polyphonic, will allow the creation of a personal design playlist, transforming users into contemporary directors, producers and composers.


dal May 2021 a July 2021


Periodo di svolgimento del laboratorio: ultima settimana di maggio 2021 / metà luglio 2021 (inaugurazione della piattaforma). 
Sono previsti incontri e revisioni a cadenza settimanale in presenza e/o in remoto, da svolgere per gruppi di lavoro.
Workshop schedule: last week of May 2021 / mid-July 2021 (platform inauguration).
Weekly in-person and/or remote meetings and reviews are planned to be conducted by workgroups.

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