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Passion for photography, digital storytelling and narrative skills through the social media.

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
Candidates will be selected by their GPA and a letter of motivation related to this opportunity.
Bachelor's and master's degree students from courses in Communication Design, Product, Interior and Product Service System Design may participate.
STORYTELLING, designweek, events, social media
Arts and craft, Communication and presentation skills, Communication design, Interior design, Product design

Description of the initiative

The School of Design supports together with the technical partner Pyxie in the Design LIVE - LIVE Design project. The goal is to create a phygital narrative of the Fuorisalone 2021 (Milano, from 4 to 10 September). The multi-camera joint contribution of students/reporters and the students of the Milanese design schools, brands, and influencers will build a digital archive of the event. 
How will the students of the Design School be engaged? Thanks to the Pyxie application installed on their smartphones, students will create their own profile as connected to the main profile of the School. During the Design Week, the students/reporters will travel around Milan, following a list of events/installations recommended by They will create video content with Pyxie about what they deem most interesting, stimulating, and beautiful. The activity will follow an editorial plan that they can schedule independently. In fact, they can decide to create content following macro-themes of interest (for example: "sustainability", "innovation", "installations", "materials" ...) or to create a sort of daily diary ("my Design Week", or "day 1 of Design Week"), or even to divide contents into places ("the best of Brera Design District", "the best of 5VIE", "the best of Alcova"). 
How will the collected contents be used and processed? When the videos are done and uploaded, Pyxie will process remotely the contents by dividing them into thematic pills-videos (according to three sections: DAILY: or the best of every day, FOCUS ON: or thematic videos, POINT OF VIEW) that will be published daily on Fuorisalone TV, within the Design LIVE - LIVE Design series. 
How students will share content on their social networks: Pyxie also allows an automatic creation of short montages from videos. Thanks to this function, reporters will be able to use what they produced and share on their social channels, tagging the post or story to the project and to the partners involved. This experience is aimed at all students who are passionate about design and events, to those who use social media to share their daily experiences, and also to those who want to put themselves in the shoes of a contemporary digital reporter/ who wants to put themselves to the test doing an activity of contemporary digital reportage.


dal September 2021 a September 2021


Giovedì 2 Settembre 
Lancio dell'attività, formazione coppie di lavoro e abilitazione profili sulla piattaforma Pyxie.
Dal 4 al 10 Settembre
Attività di narrazione digitale agli eventi della Design Week segnalati da
Creazione di un proprio piano editoriale e upload giornalieri del materiale digitale prodotto.
15 settembre 
Validazione dell'attività svolta e conclusione dell'attività.


It is required to upload a PDF file (max 5mb) during the students registration phase to deliver their motivational letter that will compete for the final selection.

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