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Description of the initiative

In order to stimulate the interest of students of School of Design in participating at initiatives and events, which go beyond the institutional didactic activities, School of Design developed a new tool called 'Design Explorer', a sort of passport telling stories and experiences undertaken by individual students in different design fields, giving value to their own passions and attitudes.
School offers this opportunity to 2nd and 3rd year students of all First level degree courses and to 1st and 2nd year students of Master Degree. Students can identify, within a schedule proposed by the CCS and the Presidency published on the School website, design initiatives and events according to the study path and with specific needs and personal passions.
The events schedule could be periodically updated (also weekly). Design Explorer" will make possible validation of 3 extra-curricular CFU; the student should obtain a score 100in order to have the right to validate the CFU. The total score will be completed, summing the singular points assigned at each event. In order to obtain the validation, students will have to collect all the evidences of such experiences (tickets, certifications, events pictures...). It will be also requested the preparation of a 'passport' (InDesign template arranged by the School), in which will be registered the events in which students have participated and it will contain the documents proving the participation.
The teachersresponsible for the Final Synthesis studio for the 3rd and 2nd year of LM and the teachers in charge of the project laboratories of the 2nd year of L and 1st year of LM, will verify the documentation registered in the passport.To take part to Design Explorer, students, after reaching the score > 100 and after the verification and validation from the responsible teacher,will have to enroll to the initiative present at the Passion in Action Portal, at the following link, attaching the passport.The students who identify autonomously some other events of their interest and coherent to their own study path, can sign them to the Students Representatives who will verify whether the initiative could be a collective interest or not.- this way, after taking the opinion of the Presidency, these events will be inserted in the schedule published on the School website.1st opening from 4 november to 6 dicember; 2nd opening from 7 to 31 jannuary; 3rd from 16 march to 17 april and the last period from 8 june to 10 july '20.


dal November 2019 a September 2020


Ci saranno 4 periodi di apertura nell'AA: 1° periodo: 4/11 - 6/12; 2° periodo: 07/01-31/01; 3° periodo: 16/03-17/04 e 4° ultimo periodo: 8/06-10/07

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