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  • Language: ENGLISH, ITALIAN
  • Enrollment: 14-04-2023to hour 14:00 on
  • Subject area: Soft skill, personal and career development|Tech and society
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A good level of english is compulsory.
Spanish language is welcome but not compulsory.

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
To be selected for the activity. students must write a short text to present themselves and their wiullingness in joining the activity (e.g., 500 characters).
Students from the following courses of study can be selected:
- Bachelor's Degree in Product Design - the ones enrolled at the 3rd year
- Master's Degree in Integrated Product Design
- Master's Degree in Digital and Interaction Design
- Master's Degree in Product Service System Design
Communication and presentation skills, Interaction design, Interior design, Product design, Industry 4.0, Environmental and social sustainability

Description of the initiative

The Course of Study in Product Design, in collaboration with UDIT - ESNE, a school of Design based in Madrid (, organises a workshop during the Milano Design Week (MDW), to envision new design solutions for the near-future world.  This activity is focused on collaborating with design students from different universities and backgrounds to define a concept and envision design solutions for the near-future world. The activity is structured in two phases: field and trend research during the MDW for collecting stimuli, and two half-days of a workshop (April 21st and mid-May) to organise data and foresee a concept. More specifically, during the Milano Design Week, Italian and Spanish students organised in groups (4 students each) will visit the Salone and the other events of MDW, gathering information and stimuli on current trends and those foreseen by companies, designers, and other exhibitors. Students will be asked to collect inspiration through different mediums, from notes to sketches, to photos and videos. During the afternoon of April 21st, they will collaborate in a Design Sprint, to organise the data collected and start defining a concept, dealing with a product typology of an object (e.g, furniture products such as chairs, tables and sofas; lighting products, such as floor lamps or ceiling lamps; small and large household appliances; etc.), paying particular attention to: form and shape, and material features and innovative variations; product life cycle, sustainability and circularity reflections; the possibilities of interaction offered (e.g., channels and contexts) and the user experience; etc. The final concept will be presented during an online presentation in mid-May.
Each group of students will introduce a design concept based on the reflections from the research done during the MDW.
For April 22nd, students involved in the activities will receive a ticket for visiting the Salone del Mobile in Rho Fiera. 

Some topics of interest – inspiration for the field and trend research during the MDW
  • Design trends for artefacts and spaces: form and shape, function, use, materials, manufacturing processes, markets, etc.
  • From the functional dimension to the aesthetical and the emotional one: the artefact affecting human behaviour, producing new meanings and experiences, etc.
  • Design Theories and Methodologies: from Human-centred to more-than-human and post-human design; from anthropocentric to post-anthropocentric theories.
  • Design Sustainability: from life-cycle design to sustainability and circularity of artefacts (e.g., investigating the use of new materials such as bio-materials, or existing ones such as plastics; new materials in new domains, etc.)
  • Design Manufacturing: from large-scale products to digital fabrication.
  • Design and 4.0 Industrial Revolution (the impactful dialogue between design and AI, robotics, IoT, etc.)
  • Others gathered during the MDW.
April 21st - in the afternoon: a design sprint session, to prepare a couple of slides - including sketches, pictures, video, quick renders - with some inspiring elements collected during the MDW exploration and the definition of a brief (identifying a typology of an artefact to whom applying the reflection aroused from stimuli collection)
mid-May (probably May 12th) - afternoon: an online presentation


dal April 2023 a May 2023


19 April, 12 pm: informal kickoff
19-21 April: free visit of Milano Design Week
21 April - afternoon: design sprint session at School of Design
22 April: free visit of the Salone del Mobile - Rho fiera
mid May (probably May 12th) - afternoon: online concept presentation


You are free to visit the salone and fuorisalone events. You will move in groups, together with the Spanish students: it is important to have a good familiarity with Milan and the organised exhibitions and events.
For those participating, there will be a free ticket to visit the Salone del Mobile.

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