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For the first phase, there is no selection; participants (individuals or groups) can register freely.
Animated poster, COMMUNICATION DESIGN, Poster, graphic design
Communication design

Description of the initiative

Introduction / The reasons for the call
With this initiative, the Course in Communication Design wants to celebrate a piece of its history by looking to the future. In 2023, the Course will celebrate its first 20 years. It is a process that began in 1998 with the first 'orientation' in communication at the university level, envisaged as part of the first Degree Course in Industrial Design set up at Politecnico di Milano, which led, five years later, in 2003, at the birth of the Degree Course in Communication Design.
This anniversary, therefore, aims to be an occasion for the involvement and participation of students, an occasion for the expression of the individualities that animate our community to allow young communication designers to reflect on communication design and to share, leaving a sign, their own idea.
In this perspective, what has been created will be selected and then organized in an exhibition event on the Campus and in a city venue to reverberate its effects.

In these twenty years, the discipline and the professional context have changed radically: the convergence between analogue and digital systems has consolidated, affirming the centrality of communication designers. Communication design today, even more than in the past, operates within a field – and at the same time defines it – where we can observe the fusion between different languages, the gradual dissolution of monolithic communication codes, cross-disciplinarity between knowledge and cultures, convergence between producers and consumers, a confluence of supports and technologies in new hybrid platforms constantly evolving.

This call invites students to design a poster that interprets – through a sign, an image, or a word – an attribute or a function that participants believe to be essential to define communication design, what it was or what it will have to be.
The poster must summarize an idea, a concept, or an interpretation of the meaning, role and presence of communication design in contemporary society.

Poster features
The poster must be suitable for its diffusion on digital and physical channels. To this end, participants are required to submit a 70x100 cm poster (vertical format) and its digital-kinetic adaptation.
The presence of the following elements represents the only compositional constraint:
  • Insertion of the text: "2003-2023. Design della comunicazione, vent'anni di nuovo" in the graphic version made available, freely arranged within the composition without reduction and modifications following the indications given in the DDC-20-GUIDELINES.pdf file.
  • Insertion of the marks of the School of Design and of the Study Course in Communication Design (DDC), arranged within the composition at the bottom right as indicated in the DDC-20-GUIDELINES.pdf file.
The elements to be included in the poster and the related instructions will be sent to the participants at a later stage.

Subjects admitted
Participation is open to students of the Communication Design Course (Bachelor's and Master's Degree).
Participation can take place individually or in groups.
Each participant can send only one proposal.

How to participate
Participants must propose their candidacy by 10 January 2023. Subsequently, candidates will be notified of two review dates before the final delivery, which will take place by 13 March 2023.

Requests for clarifications and information
Any requests for clarifications and questions can only be proposed via e-mail to the e-mail address


dal January 2023 a March 2023


I partecipanti devono proporre la propria candidatura entro il 10 gennaio 2023.
Successivamente verranno comunicate ai candidati due date di revisione prima della consegna finale che avverrà entro il 13 marzo 2023.
Altre date a calendario saranno comunicate direttamente ai partecipanti.

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