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Cycle of six movies, curated in collaboration with (MDFF) Milano Design Film Festival. The program has the aim of offering transversal learning tools, through cinematographic communication and stimulating critical and creative reflection. The review covers various aspects of contemporary life from the relationship between art design, design and science, artificial intelligence and new scientific frontiers, the anthropocentric dimension of contemporary life, as well as the transformations of the planet and its many varieties of contemporary living.Today the word design extends to infinite design areas. Processes, skills are important, applications to computer science and robotics, medicine, science, research. The role of creativity remains primary: the innovative drive is what makes a project unique and interesting, but the ability to dialogue between the many languages of modernity is indispensable and a harbinger of new professions and new creations. The six documentary films thus offer an educational and reflection process in the field of innovative teaching for students of all levels up to Phd. Movies will be put online for 6 weeks, one per week, on an online platform, visible to Passion in Action subscribers. The vision of the entire cycle is required with the commitment to return an individual work according to an established format, as a verification exercise that students will conduct with the specific tools of their competence. The exercise will highlight the students' narrative, deepening and personal critical sense, as well as restoring the trends and interests that these themes generate in university students. Films in English or Italian can also be subtitled. Two feature films are dedicated to artists with subtle relationships to the sphere of space and design: Lucio Fontana and Nada Vigo. Lucio Fontana. Man of the world (2002) shot by Marco Poma and edited by Nanda Vigo, is a narration rich in archive documents interwoven with direct and personal memories of the curator who in 1964 created with Fontana Spatial environment: Utopie, for the XIII Triennale di Milano. Elective affinities and sixth sense. Nanda Vigo (2018), by the same director Marco Poma, in addition to being a tribute to tribute in honor of the designer recently disappeared, was born as almost consequent to the previous film, it returns the intimacy of life and work of the protagonist and shows her special consideration of light as space modeling tool, a post-Lucio Fontana sensitivity.The other four titles reflect from various points of view on the anthropocentric era we are going through. Anthropocene (2015), by Steve Bradshow, is the first film dedicated to this term coined by Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen. The Human Shelter (2018), offers an extraordinary journey through the ways and spaces of living in the different cultures of our contemporary society; Hi, Ai (2019) by Isabella Willinger instead focuses on the theme of artificial intelligence that enters everyday life, through a story that is both romantic and disturbing and opens questions about the impact of robots in our imminent future. At the end Almost Nothings. CERNthe discovery of the future (2018) describes the well-known international scientific community, on the border between Switzerland and France, composed of thousands of people who work with a common goal, scientific evolution, and it tells the dynamics of life and active collaboration.Where possible, every week the movie program will be followed by a debate with experts in a special virtual classroom.


dal June 2020 a July 2020


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