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The course is held by Simone Bandini Buti in collaboration with Corrado Arrigoni.
Do you think you are result-oriented?
Are the details boring for you?
Are relationships your daily bread?
Do you do one, do you think a hundred?
To help you answer these (and many other) questions, we are pleased to invite you to Brainbow, a seminar to better understand yourself and others.
An online test will give you the opportunity to know "what color you are" and then a training session will help you understand the model and characteristics of the other "colors".
The Brainbow model is easy and intuitive, it will allow you to get to know your attitudes and those of the people around you, in work and life.
Thanks to this "training pill", it will be easy to watch diversity as a great source of personal and professional wealth.
Because it is easier to understand each other when you know each other.
The Brainbow Model represents an immediate, concrete, and effective tool to improve the relational, behavioral, and negotiation dynamic of the individual both within a group and with customers and suppliers.
The experiences lived, the education received, the work, the relationships, and a certain natural predisposition have, for each of us, peculiar effects on the formation of character and personality.
In this training session, it will be provided practical tools for the management of interpersonal relationships, to bring participants to reflect on the importance of learning to "understand the other" starting from the specificity of themselves, to acquire an adaptive communication ability.
The Brainbow Model devides the brain into 4 distinct macro-areas, each of which is associated with a color (blue, yellow, red, and green) and is defined by specific characteristics and peculiarities.
The description of these peculiarities will help to acquire a greater awareness of your communication style and to use your skills flexibly to be more effective.
  • Acquire a greater awareness of your communicative and relational style
  • Understand the communication and relational style of other people (colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Flexibly use one's skills to be more effective in relationships with others and acquire an adaptive communication ability
  • Improve their negotiation techniques and problems and conflicts management

1st Module (2-hours webinar): Classroom Settings and Introduction to the Model
2nd Module (about 30 min self-employment): Compiling the online test
3rd Module (3-hours webinar): Definition of the characteristics of the 4 main behavioral styles
4th Module (1-hour webinar): use of the model in the newsp

to obtain the 2 cfu (extra curricular credits)is necessary to have participated to all 3 events on Teams and to have completed the Brainbow test online


dal May 2020 a May 2020


mercoledì 27/05 10:00-12:00
giovedì 28/05 10:00-13:00
venerdì 29/05 10:00-11:00

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