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Description of the initiative

The course introduces the basic concepts of bioinspired robotics and biomimetics and it is focused on the synthesis of mechanical systems taking inspiration from biological world. Main areas of interest are related to kinematics and dynamics of motion (locomotion, flight, swimming), handling, sensing and force generation and amplification. Contents will be supported by critical analyses of successful bioinspired robots.
During the course students will be encouraged to develop and realize bioinspired robots for water/air exploration, based on the observation and reproduction of winning approaches already developed in nature.

Main objectives of the teaching are
- knowledge of bioinspired and biomimetic approach to robotics;
- knowledge of some interesting successful bioinspired robots
Knowledge and understanding
- The student has a preliminary knowledge of bioinspired approach to robotics
Ability to apply knowledge and understanding
- the student can identify the specificity of a design problem
- the student can take inspiration from nature to outline a mechanical system able to fulfil a specific task. Autonomy of judgment
The student:
- can independently evaluate the correctness of a robotic solution
- can find alternative design solutions to a simple problem
- can discuss and critically support his design choices


dal October 2019 a November 2019


  • Giovedì 7 nov. h. 17.00-20.00  Introduzione al corso, bio-inspiration e bio-mimetics, ambiti di applicazione
  • Martedì 12 nov. h.17.00-20.00 Robotica bioinspired: locomozione in ambienti marini, aerei e non strutturati
  • Giovedì 14 nov. h.17.00-20.00 Robotica bioinspired: handling, sensoristica, attuazione
  • Lunedì 25 nov. h.14.00-16.00 Introduzione al laboratorio, formazione dei team e presentazione del robot da sviluppare
  • Lunedì 25 nov. h.16.00-18.00 Laboratoriovenerdì
  • Martedì 26 nov. h.17.00-20.00 Seminario: soft-robots (Dott.ssa Barbara Mazzolai, IIT)
  • 29 nov. h.9.00-18.00  Laboratorio

Il laboratorio sarà comunque disponibile in giornate dedicate, al fine di consentire ai team di sviluppare e realizzare il loro robot entro la fine del corso. Le disponibilità del laboratorio per l'attività libera verranno comunicate successivamente.

E' previsto un evento conclusivo con una dimostrazione pubblica dei robot realizzati indicativamente intorno alla metà di dicembre per consentire a tutti i team di completare il lavoro sperimentale.

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