Polimi Ambassador in Green Technologies and Smart Infrastructures​

Within the context of the interuniversity framework project "Tecnologie delle Transizioni", Politecnico di Milano wants to activate high-level training courses aimed at creating new professional figures in Green Technologies and Smart Infrastructures that:

  • have skills in specific areas consistently with the training project (green/smart)
  • acquire enabling digital technologies in line with the profile
  • master interdisciplinary tools, methods, and aptitude for a systemic vision
  • develop talent to operate in interdisciplinary and multisectoral contexts acquired through exposure, even in teams, to case studies and challenges

Technical information on how to apply will soon be available.

The 2021/2022 Project

Starting with the 2021-2022 academic year, the training courses PoliMI Ambassador in Green Technologies and PoliMI Ambassador in Smart Infrastructures will be active as part of some master's degree courses.

PoliMI Ambassador in GREEN TECHNOLOGIES will be activated as part of the master's degree courses in:

  • Building Engineering - Architecture
  • Building and Architectural Engineering
  • Environmental and Land Planning Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Management Engineering
  • Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology
  • Nuclear Engineering

PoliMI Ambassador in SMART INFRASTRUCTURES will be activated as part of the master's degree courses in:

  • Management of Built Environment
  • Civil Engineering
  • Automation and Control Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Telecommunication Engineering

Implementation Procedure

The training programme is articulated within the MSc educational path and sets at 130 credits (or 310 for the 5-year Master programme in Building Engineering - Architecture) the minimum number of credits needed to complete the selected MSc and, at the same time, to qualify for the certification of Ambassador in Green Technologies or Ambassador in Smart Infrastructures.

As part of the educational training, students must acquire at least 30 credits in courses related to the Ambassador in Green Technologies profile or to the Ambassador in Smart Infrastructures, related to both vertical topics (formative areas characterising the MS) and transversal topics (training areas different to those characterising the MS).

The Ambassador in Green Technologies or Ambassador in Smart Infrastructures certification will be reported in the Student’s Diploma Supplement and a digital badge will be issued by Politecnico di Milano.


For any questions please write to: ambassador(at)polimi.it