Record employment for Politecnico di Milano graduates

The results of the 2022 occupational survey

The rate of employment of Politecnico di Milano graduates keeps growing.

The employment rate of Italian Master's degree graduates rose by 2 percentage points, with 98% already in employment one year after graduation.

Employment is almost fully guaranteed for engineers (up from 98% to 99%), as well as architects and designers (respectively up from 93% to 97% and from 88% to 94%) , and employment rates five years after graduation were confirmed at 99%.

This is the data revealed by the employment survey published by the Politecnico di Milano, carried out with a dual time scale of one year and five years after graduation.

Almost all graduates (91%) have a job that is consistent with their degree. A third of those interviewed had already found the job before graduation, thanks to a careful eye on the external context and an education path that responds to market demands.

The data collected reconfirm, going against the national trend, one of the characteristics of the Politecnico di Milano: the consistency between the qualification obtained by our graduates and the job they do.

Permanent employment contracts are also on the rise, with 60% of graduates in permanent employment one year after graduation and 90% after five years.

After five years, 90% are employed in the private sector and 54% work for an SME, although contracts with large multinationals are on the rise; the main market is still Italy (83%).

Although salaries in Italy remain largely unchanged, Master's degree graduates from the Politecnico di Milano see salary increases five years after graduation to an average of €2,187, around €700 net more per month than the salary as a newly graduated employee; this growth goes together with a professional career and the assumption of positions of responsibility.

The data accounts also for a leap forward in the world of work (+7%) for foreign master’s degree graduates trained at the Politecnico, whose employment rate rises from 82% to 89% one year after graduation, reaching 95% after five years. They report being satisfied with the university and with the qualification because it is consistent with the work they do, but fewer than 50% remain in Italy to work.

Employment among bachelor’s degree graduates is also on the rise (+5%), with 92% who work one year after graduation, despite a slight drop in terms of remuneration, thus indicating that the investment in training tends to pay off.

Record employment for our graduates. This is the benefit of training that keeps pace with the expectations of the private sector, where most of our new graduates find work, as well as the public sector, where the greatest efforts will be concentrated in the coming years for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

says Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the Politecnico di Milano.

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Survey methodology

The 2022 occupational survey was coordinated by the Politecnico di Milano’s Career Service, which supports and prepares students for entry into the world of work by establishing and maintaining contacts with leading national and international companies.

In 2022, 9441 graduates were interviewed. One year after graduating we received responses from: 77% of Italian Master's degree graduates, 61% of foreign Master's degree graduates, 77% of Bachelor’s degree graduates who did not stay on for postgraduate study at the Politecnico. Five years after graduating we received responses from: 62% of Italian Master's degree graduates, 49% of foreign Master's degree graduates, 54% of Bachelor’s degree graduates who did not stay on for postgraduate study at the Politecnico.

The survey was conducted in early 2022 using an integrated CAWI: online and CATI: telephone methodology. Graduates were asked to answer a multiple-choice questionnaire of about 20 questions.