Politecnico stands for protests for rights in Iran

Politecnico di Milano stands for the brave women and men who are peacefully protesting against a violent regime denying basic human rights: we strongly refuse any form of violence, abuse and despotism as those inflaming Iran.

We believe that any restriction on personal freedom, including dress codes for women, is deplorable. We stand for justice, peace and liberty. We feel for those who are suffering and putting their lives on the line, we want to give voice to all the Iranian students enrolled in our university who are asking us to take a stand.

We realize how painful it must be to witness your own country be torn by anger and repression. We know how important it is to defend our own opinions and minds as universal principles, no matter where one is born or raised. We defend our ambition to educate young people to respect, diversity and justice.

All this considered, Politecnico di Milano clearly states its position against discrimination, gender segregation and abuse.