Framework agreement with ANCI Lombardia

Coordinated initiatives for the strengthening and innovation of the local autonomies’ system of Lombardy

Sharing expertise and resources in the name of a cooperation aimed at organising coordinated initiatives and at developing of new skills. This is the objective of the framework agreement entered by ANCI Lombardia and the Politecnico di Milano to promote action on several fronts. Under the agreement the parties will, among other things, organise seminars, courses, summer schools, internships and educational modules, carry out studies and researches, organise meetings, congresses and conferences, exchange documentation, encourage collaboration for projects and interventions to assist and support Lombard Municipalities, with the participation of other Bodies and Institutions.

In particular, the agreement aims to promote analysis, research, planning and structuring activities, as well as to implement actions to support the Municipalities in the exercise of their fundamental functions and in the management of services, with particular reference to the objectives of environmental, social and economic sustainability and to the consequent local policies and actions. The actions undertaken will favour inter-municipal cooperation and group management, as well as the strengthening and innovation of the local autonomies’ system of Lombardy.

“Today our municipalities and the metropolitan areas are at the centre of major transformations: from environmental and social sustainability to digital transition, from the adoption of new governance models in the Public Administration to the respect of the deadlines indicated by the NRRP”, stated Donatella Sciuto, Rector of the Politecnico.

The Politecnico di Milano, always well aware of the needs of the territories and of the bodies operating within them, renews its collaboration with ANCI Lombardia within a complex and highly challenging framework in which training and competence are pivotal levers for lasting growth and for the development of policies favouring social and economic sustainability, collaboration and the sharing of good practice.