The Politecnico leads Italy’s universities in research funding


More than 100 million euros over four years for 234 projects. First place for ERC funding as well, with an impressive 23 projects.

The Politecnico di Milano is the leading university for research funding under Horizon 2020, the European Commission’s largest research and innovation programme. 

More than 100 million euros over four and a half years, invested in 234 projects which range from big data for cancer diagnosis to smart manufacturing systems, from photonics focused on monitoring cerebral trauma to smart buildings. Research is becoming increasingly the answer to people’s needs, to the business world’s need for innovation and to future generation’s desire to grow. 

The Politecnico is also first among universities in terms of ERC-funded projects, projects that is which have been rewarded by the European Commission for having stood out in cutting-edge fields: these projects have reached an impressive amount of 23, with an overall value of 26 million euros. Out of these, 3 projects are the work of a group of very young researchers who chose to return to Italy and carry out their research at the Politecnico, thus confirming the university’s ability to attract resources and talent and to compete at an international level.

Comparing its results to those of universities on a more global scale, the Politecnico di Milano takes 12th place for projects funded by Horizon 2020. 20th place if one considers all bodies participating in the research programme, which are more than 26,000 worldwide. This is yet another confirmation of the leading role played by the Politecnico over the past ten years with over 500 funded projects (7PQ + H2020) for a total of around 198 million euros. A significant incentive in view of Horizon Europe, the next programme for research funding.