POLIRADIO: Politecnico internet radio never stops surprising

Poliradio was the brainchild of Emanuele Campagnolo, a student with a passion for radio who in 2007 decided to post a message on the www.studentipolitecnico.it forum inviting people to help start an online radio station. That was how, united by their passion for music and communication, 20 students launched this project and went live on air for the first time on 14 December 2007, building an international programme schedule based mainly on hits from the London music scene which satisfied the tastes of the young audience they were targeting.

Today POLI.RADIO has around 100 members: technicians, sound engineers, events organisers, communication experts and graphic designers, also from other universities in Milan, who work together in this large studio, each bringing their own expertise and ideas.

A radio station made by young people that speaks to young people in their language: this is the strength that has allowed the station to reach this important milestone of 10 years on air. The celebrations will continue throughout 2018 with the launch of large projects thanks mainly to POLI.RADIO’s technological focus and large presence of engineers.

Of these, special mention goes to PO.LIS: Listening with eyes, an innovative format led by Enrica Zoleo (voice) and Martina Rebecca Romano (Italian Sign Language) which is the first visual radio programme that people can watch and listen that really is capable of speaking to everyone, deaf and hearing. It is an ambitious project that has made the headlines and which is still growing. A technological challenge that has been taken up with great enthusiasm by POLI.RADIO which is working on installing new rooms to further improve audio/image synchronisation and testing new software.

With its thorough music selection, POLI.RADIO gives visibility to independent bands and emerging singers, predominately rock and indie artists. The latest innovation, the idea of musical director Davide Quercia, is POLI.RADIO Xtra, a new programme of electronic and urban music on air from 22:00 to 02:00. To signal the different music genre, the site is colour coded purple at this time.

In addition to a rich programme schedule, with programmes from various genres, the radio follows live events on the university campus, as well as the main music festivals such as Sanremo, the Eurovision Song Contest, Bachelite Outsound Music Festival, Big Bang Music Fest of Nerviano, MiAmi, Woodoo and many more with interviews with young emerging artists like Sacramento Music, Fadi and Ron Gallo.

If you’re curious, you can listen to the station live at www.poliradio.it or via the TuneIn app (on mobile), and discover the various activities by following POLI.RADIO on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or join in live on air via Whatsapp or Telegram... Poliradio is everywhere!

Happy listening