Polimi among the top 20 universities in the world according to QS

A historic result that rewards the University’s international role

The QS World University Rankings by Subject measures the best universities throughout the world. It compares their ability to engage in research, the reputation of professors and the assessment of graduate students. For the very first time, it lists an Italian university, Politecnico di Milano, among the top 20 in all the three areas of specialisation: 17th in Engineering (24th in 2016), 9th in Architecture (15th in 2016) and 5th in Design (10th in 2016).

A ranking increasingly used as yardstick by students and researchers worldwide to decide where to study and where to work, on which not only the attractiveness of the university, but also that of its city and its territory, depends. A competition that sees the participation of the historical Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge, where we find top place occupied by the much lauded MIT, and where Far East universities are growing with the Tsinghua University of Beijing, the University of Tokyo and the NTU (Nanyang Technological University) of Singapore.

For years, Politecnico di Milano has decided to stake its claim on the international front, which is leading it in 2018 to a memorable result. A result that not only sees it entering the top 10 in the world in architecture and design, but also not far off the top 10 in the supremely competitive “Engineering & Technology” field, where the upward curve recorded by the University has been exceptional: six years ago it was 48th, today it is in 17th place (with an impressive 9th position in Civil Engineering and a 17th one in Mechanical Engineering). The comment of Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the  Politecnico di Milano:

These results are the fruit of a policy that comes from afar and looks far ahead. That is why we work on training programmes capable of interpreting the change, maintaining solid scientific foundations. We accordingly invest in state-of-the-art research labs and in campuses living up to international standards. Based on that, we rely on durable alliances with the main companies in the country and we develop international programmes with the most prestigious universities in Europe and in the world. It is these results, stemming from everyone’s work, that make us proud of our university and represent a resource available to our students, the companies and our country. A final thought goes to the community of our Alumni, increasingly more active for the University and keen to give back part of its success. A sense of pride and gratitude, on which we will count for our future.

The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018 result is the fruit of a constant effort that has resulted in Politecnico di Milano being the first Italian university in terms of funds received within the Horizon 2020 programme, incubating over 100 high technology companies in the PoliHub accelerator (the recipient of an award a few days ago as the third university incubator in the world), and witnessing the launch of 1.500 patents.

A dynamic system that is bringing students to Europe thanks to two great strategic partnership, Alliance4Tech (formed by CentraleSupélec of Paris, Technische Universität Berlin and University College London) and IDEA League (formed by ETH-Zurich, TU-Delft, RWTH Aachen and Chalmers University).

All this ensures a competitive preparation for students who can count on a 92.9% employment rate one year after obtaining a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science).


QS World University Rankings is one of the most quoted and authoritative rankings of international universities, mainly planned for the future foreign students and annually published on www.topuniversities.com

To produce the 2018 ranking, QS has taken into account 1.130 universities in 150 countries, analysing 48 subjects divided into 5 macro-areas.