Poli360: a New Fund for Technology Transfer

60 million Euros to support technological innovation and to develop High Potential Start-Ups

The Politecnico di Milano has created Poli360, a new investment fund - the only one of its kind in Italy - that hinges on our University’s research potentialities and fields of competencies, as well as on the Technology Transfer Platform managed by the Technology Transfer Office and the start-up incubator PoliHub. The fund will be managed by the leading European Venture Capital Firm 360 Capital Partners that will work in close collaboration with the structures of the University.

The investments will be used to support the development of high technology projects and start-ups -based on research and intellectual property – in the sectors of industrial manufacturing and automation, energy efficiency management, civil infrastructure and telecommunication, development of advanced materials and design.

The investments will cover the entire lifecycle of the innovation projects: from the earliest phases – centred on technological development (such as prototyping and on-the-field validation) – up to the transfer of intellectual property to the industry and the development of high-tech enterprises.

Poli360 can count on the support of important Italian industrial groups, as Brembo and Maire Tecnimont. The fund is open to the participation of further business partners interested in collaborating within the scope of Open Innovation and enterprise development.

Poli360 was announced by Ferruccio Resta, rector of the Politecnico di Milano and Fausto Boni, founder and general partner of 360 Capital Partners. The presentation was followed by a round-table discussion, moderated by Luciano Fontana, the editor-in-chief of Corriere della Sera, and attended by Cesare Maifredi, general partner of 360 Capital Partners; Cristina Tajani, assessor for labour politics, production, commerce and human resources of the City of Milan; Matteo Tiraboschi, executive vice-president of Brembo; Fabrizio Di Amato, president and major shareholder of Maire Tecnimont.

The meeting ended with the noteworthy account of the experience of Electro Power Systems, a company already funded by 360 Capital Partners and Phononic Vibes, the first startup having used the new fund.

From now, activities of selection, investment and acceleration of the most promising high-tech entrepreneurial initiatives are beginning, with a dedicated team from 360 Capital Partners, completed by Roberto Tiezzi, head of TTO of the Politecnico and by Stefano Mainetti and Claudia Pingue, CEO and General Manager of PoliHub.