ViviPolimi: Inauguration of "Il Giardino di Leonardo"

More green areas and fewer cars for a truly enhanced pedestrian-friendly campus

Il Giardino di Leonardo was inaugurated today, before the Vice Rector Emilio Faroldi and Milan’s Councilor for Urban Planning, Green Areas and Agriculture, Pierfrancesco Maran. The new space, situated in the heart of the historic Leonardo Campus, is the result of a year-long project centered on redesigning, enhancing, pedestrianizing and naturalizing the grounds.

The project focuses on restoring and enhancing the campus’ historical heritage, creating formal order and enhancing architectural and environmental quality, specifically as regards the central natural green area adjacent to the Rectory and its tree-lined avenues. The main aim of the project is to guarantee optimal use and pedestrian viability on campus by eliminating 105 car parking spaces. In a scope of sustainability and regeneration, the project responds to how the campus’ open spaces are actually used on a daily basis by the many people who inhabit them.

The project revolves around the elimination of the internal driveway, considered a source of noise, pollution and danger. The area’s sustainability has been guaranteed by green spaces - for a total surface area of 920 sqm - comprising informal green areas and separate islands equipped with around 400 seats and 190 wired tables overall.

Today, the Politecnico also presented a new project for the restoration and structural strengthening of the façade of the Rectory, overlooking Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, which will be further enhanced by the installation of a new lighting system.