2019 POP Day: presentation of the first Gender Budgeting

In addition, the inclusive projects for people with disabilities and learning disabilities and the psychological counselling were illustrated

Second edition of the POP Day, the Politecnico di Milano event devoted to the topics of well-being, diversity and inclusion in the professional and existential path of the Politecnico community.

POP, Pari Opportunità Politecniche (Equal Politecnico Opportunities), is the programme whereby Politecnico di Milano undertakes to ensure a study and work environment that respects gender identities, the different skills, cultures and origins. POP revolves around 5 lines of action: gender identity (Gender POP), culture, nation and religion (Multicultural POP), sexual orientation (Pride POP), diverse abilities (Multi Chance POP), and psychological well-being (Wellbeing POP).

This year’s novelty is the presentation of the first edition of the Gender Budgeting.

The survey paints an instant picture of Politecnico di Milano, filtered by the gender perspective, in study and work programmes, within faculties and among the technical-administrative staff, embracing a timespan ranging from 2000 to the present day. A very broad timespan during which the number of women has grown significantly, attesting the slow but constant march towards a greater parity.

Gender parity is an element instrumental to the preservation of a sustainable European economy, the creation of full occupation, and the generation of well-being for all citizens. It is precisely from Europe that we must draw inspiration, and it is the international contest that we must aim at

The data collected, however, clearly show the persistence of some stereotypes, just as much as the need to deploy actions targeting cultural change. Although in line with national and international universities, the numbers speak eloquently.

The data evinces that the university has embarked over the years on a dual-speed process towards gender parity in the student component, reached and exceeded as regards Architecture and Design. The numbers further point out that this dual speed is reflected in the different treatment dished out to women in the labour field, where a significant gap persists in economic terms and in terms of stability between man and woman and where, especially in the field of academic and scientific career, the gap is widening further. Huge potentialities still begging to be enhanced, given also that women obtain on average higher degree marks and record lower rates of abandonment of the academic career than their male counterparts.

The Gender Budgeting is a useful evaluation tool to steer public policies, besides being a precious decision-making element to orientate the university’s actions

POPDAY was also an opportunity to introduce the initiatives in favour of psychological well-being and the  inclusion of people with disabilities or learning disabilities: PoliPsi, the counselling and psychological/psychotherapeutic support service for Politecnico di Milano students and PHD students and Multi Chance Poli Team, a specialised multi-disciplinary group tasked with implementing actual participation and adequate autonomy across the university path in conditions of disability or in the presence of learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

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