Politecnico di Milano gains accreditation in Category A from ANVUR

An excellent score resulting from report by commission of experts for evaluation

The Politecnico di Milano has earned a score of 7.95 in a report by the National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (ANVUR), published on the occasion of the periodic accreditation of the Centres and Courses of Study.

An excellent score among Italian universities, that ranks the Politecnico in Category A, with the highest rating of “very positive”.

A final rating, evaluating the university as a whole, takes into account four requirements. 

The first verifies that the university has developed a valid system for quality assurance in teaching and research in support of internal improvement and the strengthening of external responsibility.

The second measures the ability to monitor and collect data, and verifies that processes and results are periodically self-assessed by the courses of study and by the departments, and subsequently submitted to the University’s Evaluation Board.

The third concerns the quality of the courses of study, and verifies the availability of adequate teaching resources, staff and services, the monitoring of results, correction and improvement strategies, and the centrality of the student’s needs.

The last requirement assesses the effectiveness of the research quality assurance system and the third mission.

The procedure for the periodic accreditation of the Centres and Courses of Study by ANVUR provides, first of all, a remote examination of the basic elements of the quality assurance system; subsequently, the Commissions of Experts for Evaluation (CEV) organise a 4-5 day visit to the University. The CEVs are appointed by ANVUR and are composed of system and disciplinary experts, as well as students.

The aim is to verify in person the quality of the work completed on a sample of courses and departments, through meetings, interviews, participation in lessons chosen on a sample basis, visits to facilities dedicated to teaching, and study and research laboratories.

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