5x1000 to Politecnico di Milano

This year, donate to sports and social inclusion research projects with high social impact

The Politecnico di Milano is the leading public university, among research institutions, for funding raised by 5x1000 and is ranked 9th among the other research institutions.

This is all thanks to you. Year after year, you have placed more and more trust in our ability to invest your money in projects with high social impact.

These numbers fill us with pride because it is not just about hitting a target; it is a tangible acknowledgement of our demanding daily research work.

In previous years, through Polisocial program, we have set up projects in the Milanese suburbs and in countries like Egypt, Eritrea, Somalia, Tanzania, Senegal, Cameroon, Mozambique, India, Pakistan, Brazil; undertakings put together by our wish to make our technical and methodological expertise available to local needs, thinking of a scientific research more and more attentive to big social challenges.

With the money raised this year, we have chosen to promote new responsible research projects: we have thought about "Sport and social inclusion", topic that intend sport as a chance and a means of cooperation and development of communities, health and wellness promotion, setup of spaces and local development.

Sport, thanks to its technological dimension, is a powerful drive for the inclusion of disabilities and, at the same time, it is an extraordinary field for promoting dialogue between different cultures and countering the risk of social exclusion, especially among young people and in marginal contexts.

The function of sport, through the design of new structures and the re-use of existing assets, can also be an important tool for the social and environmental redevelopment of neighbourhoods and communities.

With the new Polisocial Award call, funded by your 5x1000, we want to support this area of research that aims to generate a high social impact thanks to the work of our researchers.

Once again, it is time to decide. Allocating the 5x1000 to the Politecnico di Milano is a small but very important gesture, because it helps to finance projects of great scientific and social value.

To support us, on your tax return form, simply sign your name in the field "Scientific research and university funding" and enter the Politecnico di Milano’s tax code: 80057930150.